Friday, October 24, 2008

~ Permanent position ~

Today, I'm a bit moral down, coz one of my INSEP trainee got permanent in my department. But why not me? Even though that positon will be start hiring at the end of November, but the do not hire me. Maybe because I'm not engineering student, but mostly, people in that team do not have any qualification in EE. Rezeki ALLAH TAALA Maha Luas, I do pray that, after this is my turn to get hire. Ameen.

Besides, Luqman (OPC- same department with me), Dayu, Farhana, Fara (this three girls from same department-Quality) also not being hired yet and of course we all have same feeling right now. Among them, I'm only IT and Multimedia student. Rest is Mechanical Engineering, EE and Chemical.

All the best Yani =


z@ti said...

yani..sabar ek. ada rezeki ko tu. jgn putus berdoa kepadaNya. dah dpt perm nanti jgn lupa blanje aku plak. mane2 tmpt mkn yg exclusive kat sane.hehe.

yani said...


aku ingat akan belanja hang...cuma tue la...aku nie xdpt lagi permanent job..or any title job..sedei wei...aku pun tak putus berdoa...insyaALLAH rezeki aku ada, cuma lambat sket..