Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~ If you only knew ~

Assalamualaikum readers,
This keewlll feeling coming again... why, why me?? Ohh noooonee...
Here i wanna to share this weird feeling with anyone who read this entry. Last week, ohh...crappp... need to story mory la. Just read from this lyric. Perhaps, you guys will understand these. InsyaALLAH.

If I Only Knew - GIL

I'd give you anything,
To have you be mine.
I'd give the stars above,
And all my love,
How can you be so blind?
So blind?
I'm going out of my mind,
All the time,
For you,
Yes it's true.
If you only knew,
That I'm crazy for you,
Then you'd understand.
If I only knew,
What you're goin' through,
Then I'd understand.
Now I know that I,
Have no chance,
Oh to make you mine.
If I ruled the world,
Would you be my boy,
How can you be so blind?

Credit to: ukhti27 ::Flickr::

Ya ALLAH YA Tuhanku,
Tabahkah lah hati umatmu yang hina ini. Ya ALLAH berikanlah aku semangat untuk semua ini. Ya ALLAH YA Tuhanku makbulkanlah doa Tokwan, Maktok di bumi Mekah Mukarramah, Doa Mak Ayah aku..doa muslimin, muslimat sekalian.


z@ti said...

we have the same feeling here. alangkah bagusnya kalau 'dia' dpt mendengar isi hati kita ni.

i have no all.

Yani said...

mcm tue la hidup kan..ntah la wei...aku dh dengar macam-macam nasihat..ohh..nooonn...aku kepenatan class yoga niee...adoi...

LovePurple said...

Amboi yani...
mmg mendalam maksud lirik lagu tue

Yani said...

Tue la Ct...sedey tau..kita suka org yg x fhm kita suka dia...nak initiate first step yg takut. Nak let him go...huuuhhh...x nak...nehiii...