Monday, July 20, 2009

~ Man, you can cry too ~

Monday night. Yeay. Today after coming back from office aku terus tido without thinking of anything. I'm so sleepy and today I can't focus on my daily work. Then after 9.20pm take a bath and make a hot milo. Then while watching House. My Fav drama I always follow. Yes. In this episode one of the doctor Doc Kutner. His dead. Cause he suicide by his own gun. OMG! Why all this happen to him. I like him coz when I see him like I see Anup. Hehe. So what Yani? Another thing is I like the song during his funeral. Some sort like Alone. Like what happen on me now. Ok. Back to Kutner's character. I think he is funny and smart. You know, he have the Indian value. It is I'm wrong? This is not by races hoccay. I'm gonna miss this characters. In this episode I can see two three man crying. Dr Taub cried. Dr House felt regret. And a guy who wanna sacrifice for his wife. Again crying. Oh Man, for me sometimes after crying we can heal. Not even much but at least got a bit. To recover again.

On man, after this I cant see you anymore in House. I miss u!
I'm wondering why Malaysia's show cannot produce such as like this Great great great show? Malaysia, habeh-habeh sangat Impak Maksima, Rempit and etc. Pls la create such a good show. From that we can get the knowledge from the show. Huuuhh! So frustrated.

Mode tonight. I'm ok. Just listening my Korean's song. Tenang tingat aku. Alhamdulillah. Kenapa aku tak dengar Ayatul Quran? Yani, Yani..


L3N said...

cik yunik...i rasa lagu tuh tajuk dia:Lone wolf by eels.
dan doc kutner itew akn pegi ke white house untuk khidmat negara.bab tuh dia mati.

Yani said...

Oh really....bagusnya dia. Keja untukkk ObammmA. Ok. I akan carik lagu nie. La nie i suka lagi 1234 Plain White T's. Menjadi halwa telinga i tatlaka kita berYM di kala malam. Juga lag-lagu Korean. Cik Lulup, u ada suh i dengar lagu rocksss kan..nanti sila bg listnya ya!!