Thursday, October 15, 2009

~ Happy Birthday Bgchik and Cik Zai ~


Today is 15th October and today is my big brotha's birthday Bangchik and my friend Cik Zai. I already wish to my brotha via sms this morning since last night feeling so sleepy. Cannot tahan ini mata anymore. So I decided to wish him early in this morning.

My sms to my big brotha:
["Guten Morgen! Bgchik..Happy Birthday..moga dilimpahi RAHMAT-NYA selalu and may all ur dream comes true.."]
Happy birthday my handsome man with all my heart. I love you so much!! Your are such a great big brotha for me!!

To Cik Zai,
Happy birthday girl!
My fren,
Most of all, I hope you will always be as happy as you have made me happpily! We going for shoping together! Lalalala. Picture taken during my birthday's celeb.

Will be any open table today? I don't think so since one in Tanjung Malim and the other one still on di%t. (*_*) Yeeayy!!


brid3ofkayangan said...

cik yaniii thanks for this x pasan anda buat entry ni...kat blog sy x update plak...gila kot.thanksssss...i lap u...

Yani said...

OHHH..Cik Zai!
tidak mengapa. anda tidak memerasannya. welcome!! best buddy forever!!ohyes!!! Btw, how was ur weekend in Kulim? Hehe