Friday, January 29, 2010

~ Malam yang gelap, siang yang cerah..


Malam tadi internet aku problem. Nie dah ok dah. Ada kisah lawak antara aku, juruteknik TM dan Hana housemateku. HAHAHA. Fairuz dah sms aku. Daaaaaaaa.. Happy weekendersss peepss.... Take care and have an enjoiceee weekenderrrs ya. Aku balik Perlis nie. Yaaa bedaa beduuu!!!


Love ya'll!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

~ Saja datang ~

Hahaha. Ex-boss mai office hari nie. Meet up for a while then he leaving.
Sempat la aku sembang ngan dia, he's last aircraft training was canceled.
Tak apa la Fritz, fly ja dari sana. Koool!!

Hari nie time lunch aku gayutans dengan Zanang. Sedenyaaa! Zanang sabau naa...sebab tue aku hairan kenapa hang taleh bertahan lama with any guys out there. Marii kerjaya!

Monday, January 25, 2010

~ Going back late? ~

Hahahaha..Lets laughing together-gether. It's a urgent route creation and it's done during I'm typing this another entry. Today feeling was not as usual, there are no Mr Fritz anymore back to my seats. There's no one seating there until 1st Feb, new Logistic manager will come after long MC due to his backbone problem. As for me, today got some meeting with our counter part at Rbg. Mr Klaus, I love your macho voice. While his giving training to us, I imagine he can sing a song for us. These kind of ladies was so sleepy. Hahaha. Luckily he can't see our face because so many things we did such as make the chairs move left and right, then SK and Wana feeling to sleep then ask Jida and myself to rubbing their hands. Hahaha. And our boss too, seems bored and menongkat dagu at table. Myself, I wish he can a sing for us. Hahaha. So kind of Mr Klaus.

Today once arrived my place, I can't see Fritz's hair anymore. Yaa. His hair tinggi beb. Hahaha. No more to hear he walking at office bay. Can't hear he ate his apples. And no more many phone calls from his desk which is everyday lot's of phone calls from line and everything. No more 'skodeng' him from my mirror. Arrrgghh! I have to get use with this. Yaa. Like Kak Sobah said, Good people always be remembered. Yaaa. He is so kind. And today Jida and me searching Fritz's FB, before this he told us that he have it, but once we searching it, tak ada pun. Then it's pop up my post at my wall terus Jida gelak. "Nanti sat" she said while waiting Wana endcall. Toooekk! Hahaha. Free ja kena gelak then they read those comments and said Yani nie famous jugaa...Ceeehhhh!!!!
There are some reasons why I have to stay up today.
> There's urgent route creation.
> There's free food waiting for me. Hehehe. There's popia and sandwich from MD's meeting. Inilah rezeki kan. Thanks to Jemmy too because he cant see me. Jemmy is Fritz's cubicmate.

While waiting my friend done his job, me with my gatal jemari love to update how do I feel for today. Then we will heading together to Surau, perform Solat Maghrib and he will sent me home. Thanks weiii. Tapi kalau tak sebab hang, aku dah senang lenang kat rumah la nie.

Jommm pulang.. Now 7.33pm already, German time zone is 12.33pm. Their lunch time now.

Think deeper ya!

Photo credit to: brettpeter [Flickr]

Friday, January 22, 2010

~ Goodbye Boss ~

It's Friday my dear friend.

But this is not as usual Friday that I most waiting every week. Today is Fritz last day and after greets him my last "Good Morning" then we chit chat for a while. Same question, I'm asking him how's he feeling today? He said...sad to leave Kulim. He add some more "Yaa. The time is coming now, from X'mas and today is the day". When I say, this is my last Good Morning to you, my heart beating so slow. Too sad! After this no more he seating back to my place. Uwaaaaaa! Uwaaa!!!

Pepagi lagi aku dah inform him about the vids, and we transfer it to his share drive in Villach. But the bad thing is, that vids cannot play using Windows Media Player. Aku rasa its all because the format. Yaa! I pick the mpeg format. Dunno why cannot play using office punya Media player because I already tried kat lappie aku. It's work. Then pagi tue aku pulun search portable Ulead Video Studio. Unlucky me! Office IT doing a good job. Do now allowed us to download it. But then aku leh search for Media Classic portable and also Winamp MP3. It's works! Then try to play it as SK's lappie. Sekerat ja ok. Rest corrupts! Rubbishhh! Aku dah give up. Then SK advice to repair it. Then aku decide balik umah la during lunch! Nak balik dengan apa? aku roadtax mati. Tak sanggup aku. If anything happend, insurans cover ka? NAUZUBILLAH. Ayah aku cakap cover, and Jida cakap it's not cover. So to be safer, do not riding my lovely HONDA. Rindu beb nak merempit. Opppss! Thanks Kak Sobah for her's willingness to drop me and fetch me back. Aku berjaya re-edit that vids. Change the vids format. And successfully can play using office Media Player. Yeayy!! Then shown it to SK and SK cakap why not play it for others, the we decided to book meeting room. Aku dah try and it's works. BUT Fritz gonna be busy to meet all colleagues, all managers so tak apalah. While he still paking his stuff, aku p kat tempat dia. Terus transfer new vids to his share drive. And also copy all picture. Bestnya. Then aku play the vids depan dia. He's so excited and dia clap clap kat aku. Tengok dia senyum. Waaa! Aku rasa berbaloi-baloi ja buat tue untuk dia. Dia cakap dia tak penah ada macam tue. Hahaha. It's only a side show la Fritz. But aku ada insert some effects la. Maybe tue sebab nampak more nice. Then aku pun back to my place. Huaaaaaa! Belum nangis la. Tapi perasaaan sedey tue dah ada. Then petang tue memasing busy ngan keja and Fritz too. Layan perasaan.

Power man! Until his last hour in Kulim, still having his telecon.

After jumpa semua colleagues, friends then time kami pula. 1st dia mai tempat aku. We shake hand and then move to cubic Wana and Jida. And SK come join us too. 5 of us. Then he gave is his last words and we too. Greats to have a boss and working under him. He helps me so many things, esp in DEV* thingy and also MDM's topic. Thanks a lot Fritz. Like Wana said, felt so flexible working under him and this is compliment for him. Yaaa! We gonna miss him!!!!! He said no need to cry and he will cries once he leaving us. Uwaaaaaaaaa!!! He said, it's a special boundaries between us. He said our team very independent and can work by ourselves. Tapi banyak juuga issues yang solve sesama. He said too, perhaps MDM's Kulim can challenges MDM's Villach. Yaa! We will. SK said, perhaps nextime we can working together again and ask him to join MDM's Villach. He said he already in the correct path. Ya! All the best Fritz! If any one of us planning to travel in Villach, inform him. He will be our host. Waaaaaaaaaa.. Thanks Fritz. Do come again Malaysia. Teaarrrrrrrrsssss! Again we shake hand again and saying the last words. All the best and Take care Fritz. Myself..gonna miss you a lots...after this i cant see you thru my windows anymore.

He's leaving at 5.57pm. So sad! Before that he give me his name! with his signature too. I will kept it. Thanks Fritz. We gonna miss you. Goodbye Mr Wienneroither!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~ Farewell lunch among MDM Team and PP Team ~

Hallo! Hallluuuu!!

Yeaaaa! Normally we will having Lunch Meeting but for today we have Farewell Lunch for Fritz and as usual he be with all beautiful ladies. So sad! He is my 1st boss because I can say Mathias is my boss during on my-job-training for more or less 7 months. Fritz is my 1st boss since I will officially reporting to him. On the way to Giant, SK asked him, is there any foods he want to eat? He said no. Maybe dah puas makan agaknya. While having our food kami chit-chat among us and he said he so berat hati to leave here, team, our plant here in Kulim and Malaysia as well. Got some picture taken by Azwana and Azida. I will upload later. Otw back to office, I'm asking him how many Malay words he know? He said lebeh kurang 25 words. Mostly foods. Hahaha. So cute! Then he tried to pronounce epal, nasi goreng, and some additional penyedap ayat which is "LAH/LA"..this is Malaysian culture kan, sure ada "lah/la" at the end of our sentence. Funny too because he can recognize it too. Then one of my colleague ask him to add some more for "KA". "KA" is northern wording. Funny laa..

Here some picture. Lets check it out!
Hello Mr Fritz. How are you?Apa la aku gelak tue?Yuueewwhuewww!Kapitan, Giant Kulim. Makanan dia berlambak..All ladies with Fritz. Including photographer Azida.

Yaaaaa. This is our 2nd last lunch together, tomorrow we have another lunch sponsored by Fritz. For today's bill, on us ya. Reach office at 1 o'clock. Waaaaaa..Tetiba teringin lak nak minum ice lemon tea. I love it and also frosty lemon tea kat Resepi Rahsia! Yummmy!!! MDM's Team pun already aware yang aku suka minum this kind of beveragessss. Sodaap!

Ok la All! Jom keja! keja! keja!


It's time to say goodbye lunch...Kulim Golf Club...

Today we have our last lunch with Fritz. Also invited big bosses, managers and colleagues. Makanan for that day doesn't impressive. Very frustrated. And of course my ice lemon tea macam they add on just a litle bit susu. Weird bukan. Sebab aku dah makan ABC, so no need to change it. Demmmn!

Production Planning TeamMDM TeamThanks Fritz!
Sedey dengar speech Fritz..memang berat hati. Huaaaaaaaaa!

Monday, January 18, 2010

~ Ting Tong Ding Dong ~

Assalamualaikum Gang's,

Jumaat lepas aku balik Perlis. Makk aiii! Jalan yang aku, Fairuz dan Isa guna sangatlah creepy! Rasa macam serik dah nak follow kalau jalan sebegitu rupa. Tak payah la nak try and error dalam keadaan yang bakal gelap macam tue. Aku lebeh sokong tol and highway. 185% fully support! Aku sampai Simpang 4 dalam kul 8.50pm. My dad fetch me at Shell with Haikal. Sampainya rumah Tok, Pak Cik Ani, Mak Cik Farid, Kak Ngah ada di rumah. Mak aku as usual, the busiest person kat surau. Ada majlis penyerahan sijil KRT lak. Kami semua kelaparan since mak aku tak prepare apa-apa pun. Thus Pakcik Makcik aku ke pasar malam la. Hehe. Untuk makanan aku, awal-awal lagi adik kesayangan aku dah call suh order. I LAP U Fuad!! Malam tue sambil makan-makan, then sembang-sembang.. Tok Kesayanagn hamba bertanya soklan cepumasss-emas.."Bila adik nak kawen?" OMG! ToK!! Kalau la tok tahu keadaan adik la nie. Hehehe. Then aku dengan senyuman manis menjawab "Adik kawen sebelum umuq adik 30". Hahaha. Lega. Aku tak tipu tok aku. Betoi! Lepas tue mak aku pun pulun balik, tanya kami makan apa. Walhal semua dah kenyang. Then apa lagi.. Cari bantal la dan katil. ZzzzzzZZZZZZzzzz...

Besoknya, aku bangun seawal jam 8.30. Awal bukan. Kisah wanita! Then nothing laa..breakfast reramai dan aku dengan adik, dua cousins aku which is Kak ngah and Haikal, kami ke Kangar coz nak hantar printer Fuad yang tak leh nak print. Gilaa! Keadaan Kangar tatkala pagi Sabtu amatlah membuatkan aku separuh gila nak parking. Cik Zai kamu pastinya sedia maklum kan jalan nak ke roundbout Bukit Kaya kangar tue, gena nak parking kan. Side parking! Gilaa...Finally after 2 3 kali buat pusing kat situ, aku drop Fuad and printer then kami ikut jalan belakang nak cari parking. Finally jumpa la. Sebelah kedai gadai emais Islam. Huhuhuh. Jjauh skey kami kena jalan ke kedai computer tue. Ahh! Tak kisah aku. Yang penting aku leh parking. Tak kisah aku kena berjalan jauh pun. Then masuk kedai computer, after deal with the technician, then kami heading to Pizzass! YEAY! Kami makan pizzzas! Aku selaku yang senior, belanja la kanak-kanak ribena nie. Then nak ke Gurdians lak, ok ok. Sila pilih apa yang hangpa nak. UNutng, kanak-kanak nie tak reti pun nak beli apa-apa. Fuad punya hair gel ada lagi, else sure dia akan pow aku. Then kami singgah kedai IKAN! IKan ya.. aku sangat la suka kedia ikan. Sangattt suka! Macam aku masuk ZARA kat KLCC ja perasaannya, tapi kena hati2, takut terpegang any material from PIG kat situ. Hahaha. Tapi kedai ikan nie, selamat. Aku rasa segar sekejap tengok ikans nie. Then malas nak tunggu lagi, kami membeli 4 ekor Golden Parrots. Aku dah warning Fuad, mati lagi IKANS kali nie. Siap dia. HAHAHAHA. Gila kejii kakaks. Hahhaha.. Then kami balik umah! Tengok-tengok me familia duk makan nasi. Aku meratah IKAN. hahhh! IKAN lagi. i Love fishhsss!
Waiting sedara aku yang sama-sama nak follow Tok and Makcik Farid aku p berubat, tengok tokngah ak tue siannya. Wayar dari hidung, dia hanya minum susu dari tiub tue la. Semoga dia cepat sembuh ya. Dia ada penyakit Fibroid.

Petangnya aku dengan ayah aku tengok Bobby! Mak aku tidoqq! Fuad menguruskan aquarium and IKANS, Kakngah reading novel and Haikal nak tenangkan fikiran sebelum dia nak buat homework. Haikal baru Std4. Tapi bijak berkata-kata. Then aku bawak budak berdua nie ke 7E. nak beli slurpeee katanya. Aku paksa dan kerah guna duit yang Abah depa bagi and aku bawak depa p Mutiara Ambar beli sagu and susu cair. Then petang tue mak aku buat kueh sagu. Tapi Tok, Pakcik and Makcik aku balik dengan kueh yg banyak dan cendol Sedapnya. Lama tak makan. Sedapppnya.. Then petang tue juga Tok, Pakcik Ani, Makcik Farid dan anaks2 balik ke Jitra. Aku lak duk buat vids untuk Fritz's farewell. Tengok Sinchan n Doremon ngan Mak aku then mandi. Ayah ajak makan luaq. Yeayy! Awal2 lagi aku ckp aku just nak makan satay ja. Then kami ke Kuala PERLIS. Jalan-jalan cari pasal betoi la malam tue. Lambat gilaaaa servis dia. Jangan makan lagi kat kedai LYNDA 2 IKAN BAKAR! Tup-tup jumpa Long Shahidan aku kat kedai tue. Liong belanja kami. Waaaa...Pengarah pendidikan Kedah! YUehueeww!! Balik rumah tidoqq!

Ahad! Nothing much happend! Tengok tv ja. Tapi ada orang order Kueh Asidah mak aku untuk majlis pertunangan adindanya. Then keja aku buang kulit bawak kecik and hiris halus-halus. Memang halusi pun aku hiris. Mak aku sambil kacau-kacau asidah tue. Then goreng bawang and letak atas asidah. Aku suka makan kueh nie juga. Memang lembut. Sedappp!!! 4 pelengat mak aku buat. Malamnya aku waiting nak tengok Merlin ja. Yuehuee!!! Ayah aku call aku dari laut. Iya. My dad is a FISHerman! Yaa.. hidup aku memang tak lari dari IKAN. Aku sukanyaa!!! Yeayyyyyy!!! Ayah aku cakap hasil tangkapan udang almost 2kg. Syukur! Rezeki Fakhril and Faizal la since aku dah cakap kat Faizal cuba jaya. sYUKUR!

Isnin pepagi aku bangun solat subuh, then tolong mak aku kat dapur. Actully aku tolong tengok udang-udang tue ja. Tolong buang kulit ubi dan get ready nak balik Kulim. Yuehuee. Balik kulim bus macam taik! Ada pula 2 orang pekerja asing pasang lagu kebanggaan depa. MAKKK AI! Aku bukan peminat lagu3 keling tue. Maafkan bahasa aku ya. Aku dh la tengah pening-pening, then dengaq lak lagu gitew. Adoii! Sabar yani sabar. Mereka hanyalah sedang menghabiskan cuti mereka dengan menyumbat hiburan ke telina depa. Tapi tinga aku pun dengaq juga. Adoi!! Syukur kul 4.05pm aku reach Kulim. Yueuuuuuw! Penat, letih, sleepy, sakit kepala semua ada. Lepas bagi makanan kat Fakhril and Faizal then aku masuk umah and cuci baju last week. Penattt!

Ok! Good nite all! Aku harus tidoq kerana besok ank keja. Boringg!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

~ Kak Ina's Birthday Celebration with Q team ~

Salam ALL,

Waaaah! dua posting berturut-turut pasal birthday nie. Yuehuee! Kemarin, lunch kami celebrate birthday Kak Ina. Aku nie menumpang bontoto ja. Kak Ina ajak. Aku joni saja. Memasing best 'memuji' bos kesayangan. Memang baiklah. From this makan-makan, i take the opportunity get to know rest Q team Kak Ina. Actually before this, already attended makan-makan hosted by Kak Ina as per her's promotion last October. Here is some picture..Sila abaikan jerawat aku yang besaq hoccay!
Birthday Girl-abaikan picture aku yang pulun makan tue.All without Kak MasKak Mas and Me. Jari jemari halus aku berminyak sebab aku tak cuci tangan lagi. Amik Gambaq dulu.

Anatara yang Hadir: Kak Ina, Kak Azim, Kak Mas, Fairuz, Azarul, Shahrul, Rekah, Denise, Khuan Lay and Chee Seng and myself. Thanks Kak Ina for inviting me, kami hadiahkan Crocs for her. Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki dan impian tercapai ya.

Photo credit to: Azarul

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

~ Happy Birthday Kodok's Yuen and Belated Birthday to Kodok's Yuzi ~

Assalamuaalaikum ALL,

Dear Kodok's Yuen,

Happy Birthday my dear Kodok's oh Kodoks. Actually aku dah wish time 11Jan kan, tapi silap daa..Hahahaa. Yuena Vuena Vista, Aku doakan ko berbahagia selamanya, jangan suka main-main lagi tau dengan Kodoks. Kodoks tak suka gitew. Oh ya! Dah age 27 nie apa azamnya? Apa matlamat pula lepas nie? Hahaha. Picture nie kat salah sebuah kedai nasi kandaq yang femes kat UUM. Yuena vista suka minum Air Asam Boeyyy kat situ.
Happy Birthday Yuen a.k.a Siti Irna Mustajap!

To Kodok's Yuzi,

Happy Belated Birthday Yuzi Noryulaiha Yusoff. Maafkan saya because there's no entry for your birthday on that day. Kepada kamu juga yang mengajak saya karok sampai terlena. Hopefully bolehj menjadi kenyataan la ajakan kamu itew..Lalalala. Soklan yang sama dengan Kodok's Yuena, apa misi,visi kamu untuk tahun ini selain kamu akan menikahi seseorang itew? Semoga kamu juga berbahagia di samping tunangan sampai hari bahagia kamu berdua. InsyaALLAH.

Boss aku lalu belakang nie. Cant write too much here.

Kita ketemu 6Feb 2010 ya! Yueeehueeewww!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

~ Bekerja la bebaik ya.. ~

Assalamualaikum,Hari Ahad yang lepas, aku naik moto ke Kulim untuk ke TM Point. On the way to Kulim towm then aku terpandang dua pekerja asing aku tak sure dari mana sebab aku malas nak stop tanya dia dari mana. Tatkala tengok depa menunggu bus dengan barang penuh di tangan dengan ada yang letak atas tanah, rasa kasihan aku pada mereka dan pekerja asing yang lain yang sama-sama mencari rezeki di bumi ALLAH yang permai Malaysia ini. Aku cakap sendiri atas moto "Keja la elok-elok kat sini, jangan la buat benda-benda tak elok yang akan membuatkan orang Malaysia tak suka depa". Ermmm..Tak aku nafikan ada pekerja asing nie baik-baik, ada yang kuat amal ibadahnya, suka tolong-menolong. Tak semuanya nak amik kesempatan pada kita rakyat Malaysia. Cuma ada segelintir ja yang begitu. Aku pun tak pasti, iyalah. Manusia nie rambut pun dah colorful kan. So no wonders la. Bercakap pasal pekerja asing nie, hari-hari tiap pagi ada la dua,tiga pekerja asing menapak jalan kaki depan rumah aku sambil bawak plastic bekal makanan depa. Aku sedey la juga. Iyalah. Aku rasa gaji depa tak tinggi macam operator tapi itu la rezeki depa. Cukup ja depa makan, bayar sewa[mungkin ini dah disediakan oleh majikan]. Kenkadang tengok depa aku pun rasa sayu, iya la muka depa pun kadang-kala cukup kasihan aku tengok. Tak apa lah. Makan la apa yang ada ya. Hujung minggu makan la best-best sikit. Aku tengok kat rumah depa ada pokok-pokok sayur macam kekacang bendi and etc aku pun tak penah tengok dekat, mungkin tanam pokok sendiri macam nie boleh la cut cost sikit kan. Tak macam rumah aku, penuh dengan pokok hujau yang tak menguntungkan. Tapi tak apalah, ada katak menumpang di situ. Pekerja Asing sekelian,
Bekerja la dengan baik di sini ya, ikut arahan majikan tapi kalau majikan terlalu kejam, jangan lupa buat report ke tempat yang berkaitan. Ataupun paling mudah ke Balai Polis berhampiran. Kamu pun duduk Malaysia, jangan lupa undang-undang Malaysia juga ya. Kalau keluar berjalan-jalan tue kenakanlah wangian yang sejati dimana ianya melambang gaya, mutu, keunggulan kamu. Okeng!

Psssss: No wonder la ada sorang teman a.k.a x-PT* kat office aku nie berkenan dengan Pekerja Asing yang aku rasakan Warga Bangladeshi tatkala warga ini sedang melintas jalan raya. Hehehe. Di matanya warga ini sangat kool kot. I dont know...Ammmpunnn..
Photo 1 Credit to: mazrin [Flickr]
Photo 2 Credit to: PATREE Malaysia [Flickr]

Sunday, January 10, 2010

~ Nasi Kandaq Beratur Penang ~


Hahaha. I thought this weekend might be another bored weekend for me in Kulim. Whole day housekeeping[Budget rajin ka Yani? Yes memang aku rajin. Hehehe. Penuh bakul dah] and waiting for Nora to pick ur her's stuff. Early planning, mak ayah aku nak mai Kulim tapi tak jadi coz mak aku buat Nasi Ayam special buat family side ayah aku. Fifi ajak aku join dia ke Penang. Aku pun dengan lebar, menyambut ajakan tersebut dengan suka hati. yeayyy! Jalan-jalan cari pasal. Skali dengan Jenal's cousin and her's bf.Nie lah kedainya time nie 6.00am.Photo credit to: stylo_safwan [Flickr]
8.30 took off from Kulim, aku budget nak solat dulu tapi tak sempat pula. Tak apalah baliknya aku solat. Then heading to Penang. Meet them at Padang Kota and heading to this kedai. Yeay! Lalu la kat Nasi Kandar Kapitan. Waaa. Tengok roti nan dia. Sedapnya. Lepas nie kalo depa nak p situ aku nak bontoto la. Ok. Sesampainya kami kat kedai tue. So weird! Rupanya the owner tengah exchange their business. From bla-bla time until 10.00pm owner lain, from 10.00pm until bla-bla baru la onwer Nasi Kandar Beratur since 1943 lagi. Time Japang jajajah kita restoran nie dah mula pun business dia. Sesampainya kami, Ina, Ina's bf, Jenal, Fifi dan aku terus ada orang amik order. Dhey! Meja tadak lagi. Kami amik order sambil berdiri walhal time tue meja and kerusi pun tak ketahuan hala mana lagi. Order la. Guys order Nasi Kandar Kambing Goreng + Telur Sotong, Girls order Nasi Ayam Ros + Telor Sotong and kami semua minum Sirap 'o' Limau ais. Yummy! Mak aii..! Lamanya tunggu juga untuk sampai order kami. Ianya pertukaran owner masib berjalan dengan pantas. Sembang-sembang and tengok orang dah start beratur. Ada tourists duk baca history Nasi Kandar Beratur, but local peopple pulun duk cari meja makan and start to order. Tengok 'Boss' duk isi nasi dalam pinggang waa! Gayanya sangatlah kool. Dia sorang ja berkuasa dalam mengisi nasi, kuah, lauk ke pinggang itew. Assistant dia ramai juga. Orang kat meja mulai penuh and tatkurang juga orang start beratur. Tadi ada dalam 10 orang then skali pusing dah nak jalan raya. Memang ramia orang. Then makanan kami pun sampai, Jenal baca doa then kami mula menikmati makanan. Picture aku waiting Jenal transfer la. Sedap! Tapi ayam dia besaq la. Tak mampu aku habehkan. Total including air=RM10.10. Memang berbaloi-baloi la datang dari Kulim untuk makan sitew. Then sampai umah Kulim dalam kul 11.50pm. Kenyang. Taleh tidoq lagi this aku surfing ja la.

Oh ya. Kisah malam nie kat rumah Perlis. Bestnya ada makan-makan kat rumah aku. Anak iniew lak bersuka ria kat PPenang. Actually plan nak ke Penang tue Fifi ajak aku tengahari tadi. Pasal balik Perlis awal-awal lagi aku dah bagitau mak aku yang aku tak balik. Heading to Penang I'm giving my lovely mum a call pasal aku ke Penang then mak aku cakap OK coz Wan aku nak start baca doa untuk jamuan depa kat Perlis. Bestnya!!! Rugi lak aku tak ada kat sitew. Tak apalah. Perhaps, other time aku akan sama-sama beramai2.

Oklah. Aku nak buat aktiviti membaca gosip lak nie. Pening! Nenite all. Happy weekenderss!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

~ Please help me! ~


Ermm...I'm so sad! Pls help me...pls pls pls...actually this is refering to picture below. Aku suka la tengok expression scallions or daun bawang. I took it from fwded email from my INSEP's friends. Hahaha.Sedey bukan...

Actually today mood aku nak mai keja sangatlah low. Aku tidoq awai juga malam tadi. 11 lebeh kot. Boring gila hidup aku. Thus for 2010 aku nak isi masa aku dengan aktititas yang berfaedah la. And aku nak gembira-gembira. PERHAPS..ermm..aku harap planning Kodok's akan menjadi kenyataan. Orang Tawau! Nantikan kemunculan aku di Tawau ya. Yeayy!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

~ Misi aku bermula 1...2...3... GO! ~


Currently 2.16am already but I'm still awake. Just surfing net, reading artist's gossips, browsing for any goods vacation. Ermm..Money? Do I have it right now. As for now, saving is much more important. How was peoples celebrating this new year? Countdown at Gurney? Dataran Merdeka, KLCC and DU? Ohhh gosh! As for me, hahaha. Just counting alone and once 12.00am, I wished ZATI as we both online together. Then talking about our AZAM. Zati! AKu dah ingat azam aku. Nanti aku bgtau. Betoi kata hang, IKAN is my priority! Hahaha.

Selamat Tahun BARU 2010. Again! Berapa kali daa aku mau ucap. Actually coz aku nak upload this picture ja. Kooool bukan?
Rasanya nak tidoq la. Tapi baju balik umah sok pun tak kemas lagi. Tak apa. Pepagi sok la. Yuehue! Nenite all!