Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~ Farewell lunch among MDM Team and PP Team ~

Hallo! Hallluuuu!!

Yeaaaa! Normally we will having Lunch Meeting but for today we have Farewell Lunch for Fritz and as usual he be with all beautiful ladies. So sad! He is my 1st boss because I can say Mathias is my boss during on my-job-training for more or less 7 months. Fritz is my 1st boss since I will officially reporting to him. On the way to Giant, SK asked him, is there any foods he want to eat? He said no. Maybe dah puas makan agaknya. While having our food kami chit-chat among us and he said he so berat hati to leave here, team, our plant here in Kulim and Malaysia as well. Got some picture taken by Azwana and Azida. I will upload later. Otw back to office, I'm asking him how many Malay words he know? He said lebeh kurang 25 words. Mostly foods. Hahaha. So cute! Then he tried to pronounce epal, nasi goreng, and some additional penyedap ayat which is "LAH/LA"..this is Malaysian culture kan, sure ada "lah/la" at the end of our sentence. Funny too because he can recognize it too. Then one of my colleague ask him to add some more for "KA". "KA" is northern wording. Funny laa..

Here some picture. Lets check it out!
Hello Mr Fritz. How are you?Apa la aku gelak tue?Yuueewwhuewww!Kapitan, Giant Kulim. Makanan dia berlambak..All ladies with Fritz. Including photographer Azida.

Yaaaaa. This is our 2nd last lunch together, tomorrow we have another lunch sponsored by Fritz. For today's bill, on us ya. Reach office at 1 o'clock. Waaaaaa..Tetiba teringin lak nak minum ice lemon tea. I love it and also frosty lemon tea kat Resepi Rahsia! Yummmy!!! MDM's Team pun already aware yang aku suka minum this kind of beveragessss. Sodaap!

Ok la All! Jom keja! keja! keja!


It's time to say goodbye lunch...Kulim Golf Club...

Today we have our last lunch with Fritz. Also invited big bosses, managers and colleagues. Makanan for that day doesn't impressive. Very frustrated. And of course my ice lemon tea macam they add on just a litle bit susu. Weird bukan. Sebab aku dah makan ABC, so no need to change it. Demmmn!

Production Planning TeamMDM TeamThanks Fritz!
Sedey dengar speech Fritz..memang berat hati. Huaaaaaaaaa!


fakhril said...

.. dia ni ka fritz... br aku kenai... hahaha.

Yani said...

Nie la Fritz...

fakhril said...

wei.. apasal aku sorang ja duk komen kt blog hg nih?? org lain xbaca blog hg ke? hahahahahaha