Monday, January 25, 2010

~ Going back late? ~

Hahahaha..Lets laughing together-gether. It's a urgent route creation and it's done during I'm typing this another entry. Today feeling was not as usual, there are no Mr Fritz anymore back to my seats. There's no one seating there until 1st Feb, new Logistic manager will come after long MC due to his backbone problem. As for me, today got some meeting with our counter part at Rbg. Mr Klaus, I love your macho voice. While his giving training to us, I imagine he can sing a song for us. These kind of ladies was so sleepy. Hahaha. Luckily he can't see our face because so many things we did such as make the chairs move left and right, then SK and Wana feeling to sleep then ask Jida and myself to rubbing their hands. Hahaha. And our boss too, seems bored and menongkat dagu at table. Myself, I wish he can a sing for us. Hahaha. So kind of Mr Klaus.

Today once arrived my place, I can't see Fritz's hair anymore. Yaa. His hair tinggi beb. Hahaha. No more to hear he walking at office bay. Can't hear he ate his apples. And no more many phone calls from his desk which is everyday lot's of phone calls from line and everything. No more 'skodeng' him from my mirror. Arrrgghh! I have to get use with this. Yaa. Like Kak Sobah said, Good people always be remembered. Yaaa. He is so kind. And today Jida and me searching Fritz's FB, before this he told us that he have it, but once we searching it, tak ada pun. Then it's pop up my post at my wall terus Jida gelak. "Nanti sat" she said while waiting Wana endcall. Toooekk! Hahaha. Free ja kena gelak then they read those comments and said Yani nie famous jugaa...Ceeehhhh!!!!
There are some reasons why I have to stay up today.
> There's urgent route creation.
> There's free food waiting for me. Hehehe. There's popia and sandwich from MD's meeting. Inilah rezeki kan. Thanks to Jemmy too because he cant see me. Jemmy is Fritz's cubicmate.

While waiting my friend done his job, me with my gatal jemari love to update how do I feel for today. Then we will heading together to Surau, perform Solat Maghrib and he will sent me home. Thanks weiii. Tapi kalau tak sebab hang, aku dah senang lenang kat rumah la nie.

Jommm pulang.. Now 7.33pm already, German time zone is 12.33pm. Their lunch time now.

Think deeper ya!

Photo credit to: brettpeter [Flickr]


z@ti said...

owh..thats why u email me around 7pm i think...u know what? i'm mc today.

L3N said...

gaaaaaaaaaaa...gila parah mung skrg cik yunap....
seolah2 termandrem ngn rambut fritz ngagagga....

Yani said...

Yaaa. Thats y la...aku waiting nak balik after maghrib sebab takut nak balik time maghrib. usai solat aku balik ngan kawan-kawan b7 aku..

Cik LuUllluuup:
Hahaha. mana ada mandrem..malam nie ada farewel lagi..Thomas belanja dia kot...