Friday, January 22, 2010

~ Goodbye Boss ~

It's Friday my dear friend.

But this is not as usual Friday that I most waiting every week. Today is Fritz last day and after greets him my last "Good Morning" then we chit chat for a while. Same question, I'm asking him how's he feeling today? He said...sad to leave Kulim. He add some more "Yaa. The time is coming now, from X'mas and today is the day". When I say, this is my last Good Morning to you, my heart beating so slow. Too sad! After this no more he seating back to my place. Uwaaaaaa! Uwaaa!!!

Pepagi lagi aku dah inform him about the vids, and we transfer it to his share drive in Villach. But the bad thing is, that vids cannot play using Windows Media Player. Aku rasa its all because the format. Yaa! I pick the mpeg format. Dunno why cannot play using office punya Media player because I already tried kat lappie aku. It's work. Then pagi tue aku pulun search portable Ulead Video Studio. Unlucky me! Office IT doing a good job. Do now allowed us to download it. But then aku leh search for Media Classic portable and also Winamp MP3. It's works! Then try to play it as SK's lappie. Sekerat ja ok. Rest corrupts! Rubbishhh! Aku dah give up. Then SK advice to repair it. Then aku decide balik umah la during lunch! Nak balik dengan apa? aku roadtax mati. Tak sanggup aku. If anything happend, insurans cover ka? NAUZUBILLAH. Ayah aku cakap cover, and Jida cakap it's not cover. So to be safer, do not riding my lovely HONDA. Rindu beb nak merempit. Opppss! Thanks Kak Sobah for her's willingness to drop me and fetch me back. Aku berjaya re-edit that vids. Change the vids format. And successfully can play using office Media Player. Yeayy!! Then shown it to SK and SK cakap why not play it for others, the we decided to book meeting room. Aku dah try and it's works. BUT Fritz gonna be busy to meet all colleagues, all managers so tak apalah. While he still paking his stuff, aku p kat tempat dia. Terus transfer new vids to his share drive. And also copy all picture. Bestnya. Then aku play the vids depan dia. He's so excited and dia clap clap kat aku. Tengok dia senyum. Waaa! Aku rasa berbaloi-baloi ja buat tue untuk dia. Dia cakap dia tak penah ada macam tue. Hahaha. It's only a side show la Fritz. But aku ada insert some effects la. Maybe tue sebab nampak more nice. Then aku pun back to my place. Huaaaaaa! Belum nangis la. Tapi perasaaan sedey tue dah ada. Then petang tue memasing busy ngan keja and Fritz too. Layan perasaan.

Power man! Until his last hour in Kulim, still having his telecon.

After jumpa semua colleagues, friends then time kami pula. 1st dia mai tempat aku. We shake hand and then move to cubic Wana and Jida. And SK come join us too. 5 of us. Then he gave is his last words and we too. Greats to have a boss and working under him. He helps me so many things, esp in DEV* thingy and also MDM's topic. Thanks a lot Fritz. Like Wana said, felt so flexible working under him and this is compliment for him. Yaaa! We gonna miss him!!!!! He said no need to cry and he will cries once he leaving us. Uwaaaaaaaaa!!! He said, it's a special boundaries between us. He said our team very independent and can work by ourselves. Tapi banyak juuga issues yang solve sesama. He said too, perhaps MDM's Kulim can challenges MDM's Villach. Yaa! We will. SK said, perhaps nextime we can working together again and ask him to join MDM's Villach. He said he already in the correct path. Ya! All the best Fritz! If any one of us planning to travel in Villach, inform him. He will be our host. Waaaaaaaaaa.. Thanks Fritz. Do come again Malaysia. Teaarrrrrrrrsssss! Again we shake hand again and saying the last words. All the best and Take care Fritz. Myself..gonna miss you a lots...after this i cant see you thru my windows anymore.

He's leaving at 5.57pm. So sad! Before that he give me his name! with his signature too. I will kept it. Thanks Fritz. We gonna miss you. Goodbye Mr Wienneroither!

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.:Miss Amy:. said...

ritz remind me of the santa claus!!