Saturday, March 20, 2010

~ This is life.. ~

Assalamualaikum my dear friend,

Today's feeling? It was such a boring Saturday as usual. Like norm, during weekendersss in Kulim such a boring, dull day for me. Having my breakfast with nasi lemak[i bought it 2=RM1.20],kueh apam[RM2] and cold soyabean[RM1] and bananas too[RM9.50 pisang berangan laaa laaa laaa]. Brought it at Pasar Pagi nearby Kulim bus station. Damn! Many peoples. Most of them coming with friends, husband, wife, mum, Hahaaha. Me? Walking alone a bunch of my keys at my hand. Like Marrrriiiaapann!!!

Alone today at home makes me thinking. I cannot trust anybody.. really...when they were in trouble, they will call me, when they want having fun, Arghh! Forget Yani! About being a trusted people for me, this is not because YOU cannot be trusted BUT this is because of ME! Myself. Make it everything by urself and do not hope moreeee from others. It's pretty kool I love to helps you dear. Alright...alright...alright..unneeded moment already reach between us! Blaaah laa you! I'm happy be being like this, and perhaps you too kan? I miss my secondary, primary school's friend. My college's friends and my uni's friends as well. Right now in Kulim, feeling alone without friends. Later, Aimi will leaving us. Yes beb! Good offer. Go for it!! After this I mau keja dengan mung tau. By taking care of them, kita akan di uji! How patience we are kan. I know mung can do it.

Kawan-kawan kawen on May 2008
Seeking a new jobs? I will say naaaa! As for now, I'm happy with my MDM's team! I love them so much. So many guidance and helps during on my training to be a MDM! We are production support and of course not 27hrs we will support production but still my senior will support during weekendersss. Me? I have do nothing and this time, it's allowed me to FEEL my boring weekend in Kulim.

Friday's night fever!
Yeay!! I have been watching Alice in Wonderland. Thanks Firdaus [hang rockkkk wei] for bring me there. I cannot repay your kindness, thus I treat you for that movie. Eventho we have to lift up our head. Hehehe. Sorry nu weii. Aku terpaksa beli coz I really want to watch it. Betoi nie!
Ok. My comment about Alice in Wonderland. The story board a bit slow, for sure kids really love it. The scene beautiful but the ending a bit frustrated la. As what mentioned by Kak Aziyah, peoples yang suka Tim Burton punya films, will like it most la. Wakakaka. And the best thing is, Boyprenn Cik lulup! Tak sangka nooo dia nak berlakon film ini. BUT ok la. Variety you! But still no regret ya. This is the books! Credit pic to: Zati
Got some dialogue same in the book[hahaa..of courselah kan]. Time tengok aku teringat-ingat dalam buku. Yups!! I have it one. Zati and Kakcik too. Kodoks's lagi dua. I will give it later ya. Maybe the other books.

Ya. Yesterday was Friday. Again kena brainwash with my seniors. There's no other topics. It's all about Merlin. "Yani, do not spoil anything. Pls..pls.." This is mentioned by SK. Hehehe. "MDM akan kurang manpower if you hospitalized" From Jida. "Yani, dah nak masuk musim hujan nie" This is by Wana. From Yani... Only gelak2 tahap nak sengal. Adoii. Creepy lak dengar macam tue. Then I made a decision to bring my Merlin this coming August. Hehee. Nehiii nehii!! This coming April which is next month. Perhaps, mum will allow me!! Purrrleasee Makkk!! I have to convince her much la. Pls mak! Oh ya!! Since Zai's engagement this coming April, maybe I can bring my Merlin too to Kulim. Yeay!!!

Friends, do pray for me ya. Pls....

Eh..ehh kawan-kawan, have you watching iklan SSPN by Wan Maimunah, Jalil Hamid, Nurkhiriah and the girl yang acting time Nur masa dia kecik. Aku memang minat lakonan Wan Maimunah yang sedey2 nie. Wakakakaka..

Sleepy pula. Have a nice weekenderrss ya friends! Enjoice your weekend... too bad for me. Hehehe.

I haven's meet you yet!!


L3N said...

sabaq cik yunap...mung xyah ikut org blah.
rezeki mung kt c2 then stay kt c2..
u must find a hobby utk menceriakan hujung mgu mung...
i pon sorg2 hobby i berjalan2 driving smpi gila hhahaha
pasal Abg Jon I,o yeay he did lotsa collaboration wt uncle Tim and most of the stories genre cenggini.Thats why my Abg Jon the cooooooleeessssttt man in the world...hahaha my world la..

.:Mrs Hafiz:. said...

yunap, u bwk merlin, i tumpangness leh?
sile pujuk mere mummy dgn puppy eyes

Yani said...

Cik Lulupikoooo: Trimass for the advice. Bukan i nak follow anyone...cuma perasaan ditinggalkan..wakaka..dulu mung, then makcik aimi lak..uwaaaaaa..sedey2!!

Mung Aimi: Ahaks..heavennya kalau i ada kereta kan kat kulim nie. I try mintak dr mere mummy n daddy heii.perhaps depa bagi la..mung doakan la juga naa..