Friday, May 14, 2010

~ I'm sorry Mum.. ~

Good day friends!

Ya. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I'm going to Perlis today. I thought I can met my mum as she asked me to try higoat milk. But work is never end. Until 5pm I'm still doing changes thus I have to canceled my planning to going home. Hampehh!! Around 7.10pm, I packed my stuffs and going back. On the way back, wish goddbye to my director. Ermm..planning to chill out with dearest family but have to dream it la.
Goodbye to my berlambak of works, till we meet again next monday. My brain need a rest, my mental so. Or else I will be the crazies people in town. Hahaha.

No water for a while.
Adoi. Lepas mandi tadi, felt a bit itchy la. Maybe because air tue baru lagi released and the color a bit dirt la. Even, I already open the shower for 10minutes, but still air kotor sikit. Neverminds la. Syukur air dah ada or else besok, will going to my old house since rumah lama ada air. The problem is now ada pili bomba bocor. Agak-agak la nak buat pesta air pun. Weekend is coming la. Tak pasai-pasai aku duk pe managih air kat rumah kawan-kawan. Hehehe.

Watching Thomas cup Badminton.
Ya! Frustrated la! Do respect Wong Chooon Han for the 1st game. He trying to get the point to point but still kalah akhirnya. Talking bout their performance. Ermmm! Tak consistent langsung. Maybe nervous played kat court sendiri. Semua expect we can win. Tak apa lah tak ada rezeki kan.

Akhir sekali aku nak pesan...think twice before you disobey your parents. How much people respect their mum, dad? Mum, dad, pls forgive me for what I have did. Perhaps, next 2 weeks I will going home safely. Oh ok! it's so sad. Sekian.

Have a nice weekend ya friends. Kawan aku sorang tue kat Langkawi..ada tak chocs untuk aku? Hehehe.

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