Friday, June 18, 2010

~ Another Kodok's W-Day ~

Assalamualaikum....Salam Jumaat.

Waaaaa weeeee! Malam nie aku akan berbus ke Klang. Rumah Kodok's Yuzi then tomorrow morning will heading to Temerloh after 11am. It's for another wedding of one of my our best clan..Kodok Yuena Buena Vista.

Yon and Yuen

Something about Yuena.
She kept the secret when she want to engaged to Yone. Yone is one of our friend zaman univ dulu. We have no idea why she want to keep it as secret and she didn't revealed nak tuneng ngan sapo. Yuen! Yuen! Menarik nafass dalam aku ngan ko! And today, her's solemnization. Congrats Yuen! I'm sorry I can't make it due to not AL and tight to many workload. Uhhh! Boring!! So Yuen, on your w-day, is there any special task kami kena buat? Like last time? Hehee. Can't wait to see you look beautiful with your gorgeous wedding dress with beautiful make-up on your sweet face.

Ermm..kerja harus di siapkan. Till then, meet you tomorrow.

Psstt: Perhaps, Kodok's Yuzi dengar la bunyi panggilan phone aku pepagi besok..Around 5am will reach Klang. Yuzi dengar taooo.

Happy working all...have a nice weekend ya! Drive carefully..behave on the road! Chooooowwww!!!!


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