Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~ Everyday like this.. ~


Heeyyya!!! Everyday macam nie. Someday felt so excited nak p kerja, but most of the day feeling wanna to stay lazy sleeping on the bed with lovely pillow. Uwaaa! Impian untuk berkahwin dengan Putera Raja makin menebal. Oh Kakanda, dimanakah dikau? Adinda setia menanti di Kulim nan permai ini.

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Mengapa sedemikian?
Adakah environment kat office tak menarik?
Colleagues suka mengancam nyawa?
Pusher customer?
Makanan kat cafe tak best macam mak masak? This is absolutely correct!!!
Dull scenery to office? But Kulim indah nan permai dear.
Hujan? Oh...creepy! But i do be grateful. Hujan kan rahmat dari-NYA.

Sememangnya bangun pagi, i do have to be grateful I'm still can breathing. I do have beautiful clothes to wear [actually baju aku semua dah outdated!], i do have my lovely Merlina to ride, and the most happier is there's no raining or at least heavy raining. I do grateful there's no traffic jam like Jelated, Setiawangsa get i used to be before, i think couple years back. Huissh!! Grateful i'm safely reach office with no one marah, why you so late? Hehehe. This the is best thing. Yayy!!!

I do keep on thinking how to be better person, ahhhhaa. Makeover? Macam besh ja. Banyak benda aku tak reti nie. I need a new stuffs la. New dress, new long pants, new tudung and aku kepingin nak beli a new tudung like Zana wearing it last weekend.

Yani with Farzana.

Rasa nak buat tarian gasing lak masa nie!! Yayyy!! Happy working day peeps!!

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