Saturday, July 24, 2010

~ 2.4km yaa ~


Yaaaay! Saturday ya peeps! What a lovely Saturday morning. There's something bring me up early in the morning with fully of spirit, strength, feeling so fresh. Wake up around 6.30am, take off my shirt, long pants *ouchh do not imagine more ya* then take a bath and praying. Doa to ALLAH Taala, give me HIS blessing and asking HIS love to me, HE forgive me the wrong that i did before.

Ok girls, let's talk about what actually happen on Saturday morning. Get ready for jogging ya dear! Waaahaahahaha!! One of activity that will enhance your stamina and can increase my fitness as well. Yaayy!

Sebijik macam kaki aku.

* on nooone! currently I'm in office now. There's one lot stuck due to missout some setting in system. Waallla! Luckily, I'm still at home cuci taik cicak. Oh ya, from dry run also cannot trigger if the route do not link to any parameter. I'm going home now. Chooowwwss*

I'm home now.
Talking about jogging. Because of him, Abg Jog. Waaahahha. Thus I need to get ready with the fitness body at all. *whuutss!. Ok Ok! This morning, Uya, Ella and myself going to Stadium Keladi, nearby Kelang Lama, Kulim. Early 7.20 we reach stadium, waa. Uncles, unties, girls, kiddos, and lovely guys. Waaahaa! IKAN oh IKAN. Di sini rupanya. Even tak banyak, but still there's some IKAN that need my attention. *Did they really need it? Whaaahaaa. Only me need it.* We start by warmed up lead by Uya. Then start jog. Alamaaak! Gena nak start nie. Mallu mallu!! As we know, there's nobody wanna looking at us. Let's start. You move 1st, then I'll follow. Hehehe. No la. Kidding la. We just start it.Run Yani Run. Run Yani Run. Run Yani Run. Run dear!! - This is like moral support from Abg Jog to me. Wheee! I know you care of me. Wheeee whaa! Penat hoccay! Mak nangka need to walking pula after 400m non-stop. Walking for 400m then start jogging pula. Apa terjadi masa anda jogging? 1. Belly dancing bergerak-gerak mengikut alunan gerakkan badan yang sexy ini. 2. Breathing! Capeekkk weiiss. Have to inhale, exhale. Needs to control my breathing. Nasib baik aku ada belajar from Yoga class. 3. Try to push/step my feet. Bammm bammm baammm bammm! After finish 6rounds, *i think so plus with walking*, then we decided nak balik rumah. Opss. Not yet dear. Heading to market. HARUSlah breakfast yaa.
The grand menu is:
1. Nasi lemak besarrr ya makcik.
2. Neslo ais.
3. Kueh RM2.

OK. Cukuplah makcik. Thats all for today. Tomorrow? Still thinking whether wanna go or not. Or just jogging area rumah saja. Will dedice tonight. Tomorrow, aku nak pej. imegresen. Betoi ka aku spell it nie.

Ok peep! Have a wonderful weekenderrss! Mine was pretty cool. It's was my turn for weekend MDM coverage. Alhamdulillah only 1 issue. Solved already. Take care ya. Assalamualaikum.

THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE here we come!! This 2 girls wanna to cherish the boring weekend. Yipppy!

Photo credit to: shoe3000 [Flickr]

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