Friday, October 22, 2010

~ Another myfriend's wedding ~


Today received increment letter. Alhamdulillah. It is unexpected dear. Alhamdulillah. While discussing about next target, project for 2010/2011 it seems more task for me and another one. I hope this is a good exposure for me and another one. Who promoted among us? Don't know until now. Jeng jeng jeng jeng…and of course it wasn't me ya. I would like to take this opportunity to my friends yang being promoted from Oct 2010. Apa lagi, pls open table ya. Hihihi.

The feeling before 1-to-1 session, mak ai..macam nak tau result SPM wei. Then review only for 10mins. Cakap itu ini, itu ini and the expectation then dismiss. Setle. Walking together-gether with my boss and sembang pasal weekend. I do Informed her I am heading to KL after office hrs today for my friend wedding Eila Pinky.

I’m so excited to attend her W-Day's since mostly she made by herself. I know she’s so rajin to prepare all those things. Bravoooo Eila! I do bought some small presie for her and I hope she will like it. And for her cousin..which is I haven’t bought it yet. Tak tahu nak beli apa pada ibu mengandung ini seorang. Maybe a book kot.

OKlah kawan-kawan,
As always, happy weekenderrsss everyone. Mine, I will staying at Seremban with Zati’s family and on Sundy baru ke KL. My brother and SIL pun akan sampai on Sunday. Rasanya tak sempat nak jumpa mereka. Tak apa. Aku tuntut on Hari Raya Haji insyaALLAH.

Take care all. Assalamualaikum.

Photo credit to: Ari Shotsense [Flickr]


Anonymous said...

buku yg hang nak bg kat aku, kurang asam jawa la hang ni..
increment kan dah naik, mesti berat je kan wallet tu.. ke nak aku yg suggest kan nak bg apa.. dont forget 3 present okeh..

fakhril said...

hoi.. mana janji2 hg nk blanja ns ketam paksu...
da promoted diam2 ja ye...


Yani said...

Intan, sorry laa hang ckp x nak buku tp aku belikan buku juga kan hang...botol susu pun aku beli 1 dengan baju sepasang. hihi..apa2pun hang nampak comel masa preggy nie. hihihi..

Botman, mana ada naik pangkat. sama la ngan hang..or hang yg dh baik pangkat? apa lagiii..oen table la beb...nasi ketam paksu...jom2..