Saturday, October 9, 2010

~ Bunga Orkid ~

Morning all,

I hope you'll have a wonderful Saturday morning ya. Mine was pretty good. As wake up after Subuh praying then decided to online. Only blog's hoping and watching MTV. Then prepared my breakfast, take my medicines and off to nursery nearby. My intention to buy an orchid. Alhamdulillah. Reach Sg Ular nursery and ask the uncle is there any orchid here. He shown me and sadly only 2 left. I mean only 2 types left. Rest sold old already. Then get his explanation how to taking care this orchids. I decided to buy both which is one already comes with riches of flower and the other one no flower because the flower just finish as what he said la. I think I understand how to take care it. Pour water every one or two days at 7pm. Then put the baja for two or three weeks. Do not spray the organic fertilizer near the flower and no need to spray water to flowers. OK Uncle! Understood!Then with my super-motorbike, I'm riding back to home with both. I do bought the baja taik kambing and organic fertilizer. Find the suits port to place my orchids and I do put the baja ONLY ONE. Perhaps, it will growing so well and faster flowering. Can't wait to see it. Hihihi.

Maybe later I will put it nearby papaya's tree to avoid too much sun shining which is not good for orchids. Let's see first ya.

Ok la friends. I'm off to Giant Kulim. See yaa.

Happy weekend ya. Assalamualaikum..


Anonymous said...

ish osh ush, nak pegi Giant supermarket pun nak kene bgtau ke.. nnti if later on nak pegi kedai runcit kat sebelah umah pun jgn lupa bgtau ye..

Yani said...

kuang asam intan....
aku nak beli voucher kat x leh sebab voucher tue valid kat kulim nie bukan voucher giant la aku nk bg hang tue...