Friday, December 31, 2010

~ Goodbye 2010... Hello Hello 2011! ~

Assalamualaikum and Happy Friday's morning to everyone,

Time flies like an arrow!!! kann..

There's so many happy and bad things on 2010. Each of it have it own meaning for me. In term of life, career, nature, relationship and etc. As for me, my life still same working and having my own weekenders sometime alone, sometimes with family, sometimes with friends and sometimes with my lovely Orkids and my Merlina! Forget it bout Merlin!
In term of my career, my boss giving me more trust and support and there's 2,3 task in additional for 2010 and will coming more in 2011, perhaps! Better payment compared to 2009 which is so little increment but yet, Alhamdulillah syukur for all the rezeki to me. In term of nature, YES! 2010 I become a gardener! Hihi but it's not fully time gardener. Haha. I do have my 4 sweet orchids which is 3 of them I already seen their flowery, another one still struggling to flowery. Nevermind, I'm still waiting. No worries! Erkkk!! In term of relationship. Oh gosh!!! null!!! in 2011?
Of course I'm dreaming to drive my car. Perhaps mum will allowing me since dad already giving me green light. Start from now, I'm wondering where to park it. Maybe at backyard? It is safe? I'm really sure my dad wont allowed it. It's ok. Start to stealing my neighbor car's parking. **This is my planing, perhaps I can bring it here** Talking bout career, might be stay here for a while, dunno what will happens in future but I do plan to stay in Dubai! Hahaha. **Kidding** Oh ya! needs to reduce my weight. Wannabe like Gisele Bundchen backkkkkk. And stay healthy with lotsss lotsssssss of money! but life with fully of love sure more meaningful right? Ermm..visit as much place don't care even in Malaysia pun. This one needs a lots of $$$$$. Errk! Learn how to be a good chef! Even I mentioned it last-last, but it WILL BE my priority. Nak kawen kena la pandai masak! GOOD CHEF?? (*_-).

Many things I want to improve. Pls allowed me only to share it with my dear deary. Perhaps, everything will going smoothly and easily. yeay!
This coming new 2011 which is tomorrow, determined our needs, our goals as we able to achieve it. Perhaps, all of us will have great 2011 ahead. May this year bring more happier moment for me, you and family. InsyaALLAH.
Psssst! Biar banyak azam, nanti pilih mana yang nak usahakan dulu.

Photo credit to: quadratiges[Flickr]

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