Wednesday, January 19, 2011

~ He is coming ~

Assalamualaikum peeps!

2011. Ahha! I can smell it. He is on his own say and it was totally mine. Perhaps this could be the best one for me. InsyaALLAH. Let's pray for it.

Currently I'm lookin forward for Feb2011. It's not about V-Day but it's about our trip. Yeay! Pls Lulup, pls settle ur passport.

Mung Aimi, perhaps this trip would be the nice one since we will bring a good chef as well. Hopefully it not just a nasi goreng but can be special nasi goreng udang. Hahaha.

My life seems boring lately. But last weekend, I'm having lots of fun with my family. We went to Penang to having late night nasi kandar. Around 12am youewww! Superbb nasi kandar. 14 of us. Licin pinggan.

On Sunday, me met my doctor and me family heading to Roadwalk. Later we're heading to Boon Siew beach nearby Bt Ferringhi. Beach time! Yeayyyyy. Mandi air masin tak hingat dunia. Yueehuewwww.

Later, shoping at Gurney Plaza for my little brother. Finally he owned the Crocs. Kuning youeewww and it was new arrival. I hope he will enjoyed wearing and jaga elok-elok na. And I get voucher RM30 until end of Feb11.

Tomorrow is PH for Thaipusam. Yeay!

Im decided what color I should select. Huhuhu.

Happy day all...


.:Mrs Hafiz:. said...

Ahaha...nasi goreng udang la sgt

Yani said...

haha..tue la mung....

L3N said...

Omaigod2!!!!akula org plg x eksaited skrg!!!suda lama kita2 x berjoli berami2 last gini plak jadiknya!!!oh none....!!!!xpa selagi nyawa dikandang badan AKU AKAN MENGFIGHT FOR MY RIGHT!!!! MALAYSIA SANGAT BIAS!!!SALAHKAH AKU LAHIR DI AUSTRALIA????omelick

Yani said...

oohhh nooone!
sungguh kuat berangan manusia ini..ohh..perairan tawau terletak di ostolia eh? sungguh kasehan geografi mung...cepat p bukan buku teks geografi form1. ahahaha..

eh mung..coba sedaya mungkin..mung jgn duk p buat ongbak lak kat pej imegresen tue.