Sunday, January 23, 2011

~ What is besties can do? ~

Assalamualaikum, Annyong hashimnikka everyone...

Currently now 1.20am and I'm still awake. Just read from my dear friend's wall and she might be crushed with something and later she will tell me. I hope she will be fined over there and stay cute the way she is ^_^ . She is most closed friend to me since univ. We laughed, makes silly things together and even quarreled ONLY 2/3 times only. Right now she's feeling terrible and she was hoping I'm there for her but then I can't make it since I'm here in northen.

Normally we can chit-chat together, talking until we're getting tired and always revised our sweet memory together, especially with Kodok's. Being Kodok's gang it the best gang's for me. But now we're being far from each other and I really missed Kodok's gang so much. Don't know when we can reunite again. =(

I loved to support them no matter happen, side by side with them. Ouchh!! We also having our bad times together. Crying each other and keep on blame each other but finally we will apologizes to each other for our silly mistakes. Oh this is our friendship all about. Sometimes we're so CRAZY but we loved the way we become as closed friend. Smiled!

I hope all my Kodok's doing well right now. I miss u guys. Take care four of you.

I miss you guys~


PurpleStarz said...

I also miss you Yani....

Maybe one day, u can organize a reunion event....think, maybe during yo wedding day

Yani said...

Hello CT!

haahaha. bila la i nak kawen nie? awak kena dtg tau..hihihi..

how's life?