Monday, February 14, 2011

~ I miss my Merlina ~

Morgen ALL,

Ermm. This week I decided to ride my Gaius for a week and Merlina will have a rest for a while since he's been a good friend of me since June 2008. It's such a great honor riding her with safely. And today morning, I'm trying to start his engine and really hard to start it. More than 20times to press my started. At last, the engine work out and I'm pressing so kuat and with a noisy sound. Sorry people!

Touching ok! For few years we've been together to everywhere, whether in rainy day or hot day. Oh Merlina! Thanks for your good service for me. Thank you so much. Right now I have to adjust mytime on what day to ride Gaius and what day to ride Merlina.

You're a nice bike for me! Thanks to my dad for giving me this.
We're always together. InsyaALLAH.


Anonymous said...

Nak tanya skit bleh x.. if xbleh pun i still wanna ask, who cares!!.. Merlina ni his ke or her... poning poning eden di buaknyee..

L3N said...

apapon i tetap tertarik ngn kereta cumil kaler putih tersebut dan masih ditunggangi oleh tuam empunya nya dgn bangga