Friday, April 29, 2011

~ Royal Wedding ~


Today is Friday and now I'm in KL already. Just now my brother fetch me at Tol Duta. Oh!~ Tadi dalam bus duk dengar Fly.FM HoneyMadu was busy talking about royal wedding, Prince William and Catherine Middleton. I wish I am the one who will waving to crowd during enter the mosque. **Haruskan aku nak buat mcm tue nak masuk masjid?**. Hahaha. Ini namanya angan-angan mat jenin. I loved her dress so much and she looks so stunning while walking with her dad to the church. Tiba-tiba aku rasana sure ada yang menyanyi lagi 25minutes-MLTR.

How about William? Ohhhhhhhh! I just love to look at him tapi dia dah nak botak la. Awat lagu tue? Dulu he's so cute! So adorable kids with Harry.

Pls enjoy those picture, aku snap dari tv using my NEX5..Hihihi. More details you guys can google and read from Wiki

Honeymoon destination:
"The newly-wed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are due to set off on their honeymoon to a secret location on Saturday after the splendour and pageantry of the Royal wedding.
Prince William has taken a fortnights leave from his job as an RAF Search and Rescue pilot for the holiday with his new wife Kate Middleton.
The couple's destination has been a closely guarded secret and officials have said they will not be revealing the location of the honeymoon.
Royal sources have said the pair were aiming to relax somewhere "hot and sunny".
Among the destinations believed to be favoured by the Duke and Duchess is Jordan, where the couple will take in some of the country's most famous sites, including the ancient city of Petra and the Wadi Rum desert valley. "

Haruslah nanti aku honeymoon tempat ala-ala gini nanti.

Kawan aku sorang ada kat London masa wedding nie, tak sabaq nak tau experience dia kat sana time royal wedding nie. Perhaps she can share with me.

Best wishes to Prince William and Kate Middleton, Good luck and congratulation. My dream to have a dinner with both of you, take a picture and also got chances to visit their palace. Huhuh. Tinggi angan-angan mak jenin aku.

Baiklah, back to reality...harus aku mencari teman sekacak Prince William. hohoho. Mahu ketiduran besok mahu ke Loywat since aku ketinggalan waterproof camera housing kat rumah Kulim. Freeee-freee ja duit aku melayang besok..Hope jumpa la..InsyaALLAH..

Monday, April 25, 2011

~ Ahakks! Trip to see Merlion ~


This entry I should post it last week, but due to I don't have the material which is the photo to attach here and it's make it delayed. Our trip started on Friday night which is after office we're heading to Penang but before that have to pick-up Cik Mar 1st at Petronas otw to Seberang Jaya. Be a bit late since our friend Hanis, kena passdown something to her colleague's. Cik Mar called us, and kami tipu sunat said that we're now at BKE, already pass-by 1st BKE's toll. Hahaha. Coz kalau cakap we're baru kat First Solar, mauu keluaq api macam naga Cik Mar hangin satgi. Anyway, Cik Mar sungguh baik hati dan cantik mengambil gambar. Yayaay!

Before to airport, pit-stop at Kg Tersusun, Sg Ara to park my car and my housemate Nina will sent us to airport. Our flight at 8.40pm and will reach Changi's airport after 1hr10mins. Takes MRT to Lavender and walking to our hotel. Opps. Can we call it hotel? Actually it's a backpacker's hostel. Shared toilet, breakfast pun area lobby hotel. Macam BeautifulSaigon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh. After praying, we decided to Mustapha Center and I'd bought some perfume there. Murah, insyaALLAH original. Having our supper and penat went back to hotel by taxi. We're so exciteddd and can't wait to start our journey tomorrow. Yaay!

Antara tempat yang kami lawat time kat Singapura adalah:

1. Universal Studio Sigapore
2. Song of the Sea
3. Zam-zam Murtabak
4. Busoroh Street
5. Bugis Street
6. Orchard Road Singapore - so many shopping complex tapi semuanya hanya mampu touch and go. Mahal weii..
7. China Town
8. Marina Bay tengok - Merlion, Esplanade Park, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sand Hotel.
Kami stay sini.. Bergambar dulu before to USS.
Nak ke MRT
Our first show of the day
Together with Shrek and Fiona
Queue for Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure
With Mummy's actor
Tiba-tiba dalam gambar nie aku rasa macam aku tinggi pula. Apa kes??
Water World Show..
Ini kereta kuning
While waiting Cik Mar sambil duk snap video
With Madagascar's team
Kami dah duduk atas platform tapi the roller-coaster tak gerak due to some technical problem.
I'm hereee..finally..
Usai solat, kami tonton ini pula. Song of the Sea.
One of the scene..Singapore really utilized their sea. Welldone!

Having breakfast kat Zam-Zam Murtabak
Murtabak daging
Murtabak ayam
Mee goreng mamak oren
Esplanade mall
We're at Marina Bay.

Best trip to Singapore nie. Jommm p sekali lagi...Cuma a bit frust sebab big Merlion dah kena hapus and the built The Merlion Hotel. This is sound so stupid. Of course la tourist nak tengok the big Merlion not the small Merlion. The fake Merlion at Sentosa tak sempat pula kami nak bergambar. Anyway..dapat bergambar with small Merlion pun jadila daripada tiada...

Photo credit to: Cik Marhanis a.k.a Cik Mary yang di sayangi.

Friday, April 22, 2011

~ Air mata untuk melegakan ~


Perasaan kecewa adalah salah satu perasaan yang wujud dalam diri setiap manusia. Oleh yang demikian untuk melegakan kesedihan akibat dari sebuah kegagalan dalam mencari, mendapatkan sesuatu, air mata dicipta mungkin boleh di gunakan sebagai penawar untuk kesedihan juga. Jadi menangislah. Mungkin ini akan membuatkan kita lebih tabah dan kurangkan kesedihan di kala itu.

I read one advise to share with you and others.

"To be loved is a fully blessing, to love is a only half from the blessing..coz when you're the one who loves a person, you tend to give in all your effort which might in the end, the final outcome wasn't what you're hoping for..."

"Marriage is a long marathon, it is always good to have a partner who loves you more because women is as fragile as a glass"

Dalam memilih the other half, cari yang sebaiknya and you're so lucky if you can find the perfect one but bersyukur atas apa saja yang di ketemukan dengan kita. Yang penting main criteria yang kita nak tue ada padanya. InsyaALLAH.

Berdoa la untuk kebaikan semua dan aku berdoa untuk diri aku, rakan-rakan yang masih mencari teman hidup..semoga kita semua akan diketemukan dengan teman yang terbaik untuk kita semua..Insyallah..

Have a nice day all...Assalamualaikum..

~ Wondering 'Ω' ~


It's Friday again! wooot wooooott!

And tonight is the most waiting night for April. Hoyeay! MLTR's concert at PISA, Penang. I'm not their big fan actually but I know some of their songs. I do bought their cassette during school. Hahaha. People buying books, me buy cassette. Hohoho.
MLTR concert

After office, I'm heading to PISA with Azwana, Redza and Sharifah (Wana's friend). Thanks to Marhanis for post this concert at her FB Wall and I ask Azwana to join. Luckily they want to join me. Thanks Wana! There in PISA, Nora and Stefan waiting for us and in total 6 of us will enjoyyyyyy tonight. Hoyeayy!!

Last week I'm in Singapore and it was nice trip and perhaps I visit this Singlish country again. InsyaALLAH. And next week!! Wooottt wooottt! I'm going to KL and then will snorkeling at Redang Island. Yeayyyy. Get ready to show-off my swimming skills. This is last minutes planning by my family. And I have no lot's money for this. I need them to sponsor me. Pity face.Redang Island, Terengganu.

It is I'm living my life to the fullest? I am wondering now BUT I need moreeeee $$$$$$. Pls help me...

Have a good weekend friend. I hope you guys will have a wonderful day ya..

Photo credit to: les.butcher[Flickr]

Sunday, April 17, 2011

~ Visit Singapore ~


Singlish here loo..

I have not enough time to round Singapore. Few places to visit but can't make it this time..

Mummmyy, dadddy..let's go together ya.

Btw, we're having fun here and I want my 2nd time being in Singapore..


Singapore with lah,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

~ Last minutes discussion ~


Malam dah gelap gelita.Just done packing those stuffs to bring ke Kota Singa. Not as much as when I'm to Uncle Ho's country last Feb. This time only fews t-shirt, jeans and thinking non-iron-able tudung. Gosh!! Singapurrrr, everything have to pay. Even for iron, towel. Backpackers style, so hotel pun budget hotel. hihi. Only bring smaller one la.

Oh ya. Finally, today we manage to have our 1st official meeting to discuss Singapurrr's trip. Alhamdulillah seems everything gonna be alright, hopefully will be great trip. InsyaALLAH. Three of us, seat at Marhanis's workplace and browsing for USS and so on. I'd find some info and as usual there's few place related to historical place. Hahaha. Since our time in Singapurrr is so limited. Perhaps we can manage to visit as much place as we can.

"Tak mau jalan kaki, satgi ada yang nak bebai" Hahaha. Memasing malas nak menapak since Singapurrrr dah la panas. Ouh!! Payunggg. Needs to bring it on la. Every trips for sure aku akan bawak payungggg plus socks! Hohoho. Kena bawak baju hujan ka? Takpa kot noo kalau basah-basah sikit kan..

Mum called just now. Asking bout this trip. She ask me to bring face mask as well, then I said, "Singapurrrr bersih la mak". She still want me to bring it also. And I do inform her that I bring roti as well. Mak gelakkan aku. Katanya aku dengan roti memang tak dapat dipisahkan. Hihihi. Tue ja yang mampu bawak mak...
Rotttiii yang bakal kami santapp for breakfast.

Doakan perjalanan kami selamat pergi dan selamat pulang ke Malaysia ya. **ececece, macam la jauh sangat**.

Good nite friends. Assalamualaikum...
Have a goooooood weekend ya. Having fun as well with ur family.

Aku doakan camera aku dapat menghasilkan photo yang boleh tahan mata memandang. =)

Photo credit to: rotigardenia

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

~ Kota Singa, kami nak jejak!!! ~

Assalamualaikum, holla!

Times running so fast. Seems that last 2months we booked the ticket. Pejam celik, pejal celik lusa dah nak terbang. Hoyeayy!! Liontown bak kata Abgcik aku. Cait! Trip kali ini still group of 4. Always thinking bout this trip, but no much effort untuk study pasal Liontown. Huhuhu. Perhaps tomorrow we will manage to have official meeting to discuss bout this trip. Dari nak p, tak nak p. Finally decided to go juga. Bila lagi nak jalan-jalan negara Tokwan Lee Kuan Yew kan.

Oh lawatan sejarahwanis. Hohoho. Kota Singa manyak mahal loo. So aku tak shoping apa-apa sangat kot. Cukuplah t-shirt tidoq malam. Hihihi. Mum ada pesan suruh cari kain batik sana. Makes me wonder, ada ka kain batik made in Singapore? Muuummm. I didn't know bout it. Trying my best to find it for you mum, InsyaALLAH. Kami akan ke USS! Hoyeeaayy!!! Already got some tips from my housemate since she already been there last year. "Kena tengok Shrek and Steven Spielberg show". Waaaaaaa! excited wei!!

Nak tengok negara yang bilangnya panas and superrbbb megastructure!

Perhaps $$$$ cukup la noo. Aamin.

Nenite all...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

~ Follow up ~

Assalamualaikum..helllo world!

Hari ini aku bakal MC, actually dah MC pun nie since aku tak ke office pagi ini. Aku ada 2nd follow up with Doc Anuar. Let's see what he will say. Perhaps everything ok on my chest and my lung. One month med almost finish and i hope no more drugs for me after this. Enough!

After follow up with doc, aku ada next following up with those crap shop. I have to say it is crap coz duit aku akan melayang. It's all about IFK* Dinner la. I have nothing yet to wear. Few friends already had their shoping for this dinner and myself null! Weii boring wei. Aku memang tak ada baju cantiks-cantiks. I am so serious beb. Or else aku akan pakai jeans with t-shirt aja. Those attire yang aku selalau pakai ke office la. Huhuhu.

Apa-apapun aku tak mau berhabis semata-mata malam dinner tue, cukuplah aku datang untuk makan and enjoyed the show and perhaps ada la luck aku on that night. Lucky draw pressie memang menarik weiii. Huhuhu. Kena berdoa bebanyak ini. Dah start pun. Hihihi.

Baiklah kamu semua, I'm off to Perda now. Doakan aku ok-ok ya..

Assalamualaikum..take care all..daaaaaaaaaaaaaa