Monday, April 25, 2011

~ Ahakks! Trip to see Merlion ~


This entry I should post it last week, but due to I don't have the material which is the photo to attach here and it's make it delayed. Our trip started on Friday night which is after office we're heading to Penang but before that have to pick-up Cik Mar 1st at Petronas otw to Seberang Jaya. Be a bit late since our friend Hanis, kena passdown something to her colleague's. Cik Mar called us, and kami tipu sunat said that we're now at BKE, already pass-by 1st BKE's toll. Hahaha. Coz kalau cakap we're baru kat First Solar, mauu keluaq api macam naga Cik Mar hangin satgi. Anyway, Cik Mar sungguh baik hati dan cantik mengambil gambar. Yayaay!

Before to airport, pit-stop at Kg Tersusun, Sg Ara to park my car and my housemate Nina will sent us to airport. Our flight at 8.40pm and will reach Changi's airport after 1hr10mins. Takes MRT to Lavender and walking to our hotel. Opps. Can we call it hotel? Actually it's a backpacker's hostel. Shared toilet, breakfast pun area lobby hotel. Macam BeautifulSaigon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh. After praying, we decided to Mustapha Center and I'd bought some perfume there. Murah, insyaALLAH original. Having our supper and penat went back to hotel by taxi. We're so exciteddd and can't wait to start our journey tomorrow. Yaay!

Antara tempat yang kami lawat time kat Singapura adalah:

1. Universal Studio Sigapore
2. Song of the Sea
3. Zam-zam Murtabak
4. Busoroh Street
5. Bugis Street
6. Orchard Road Singapore - so many shopping complex tapi semuanya hanya mampu touch and go. Mahal weii..
7. China Town
8. Marina Bay tengok - Merlion, Esplanade Park, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sand Hotel.
Kami stay sini.. Bergambar dulu before to USS.
Nak ke MRT
Our first show of the day
Together with Shrek and Fiona
Queue for Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure
With Mummy's actor
Tiba-tiba dalam gambar nie aku rasa macam aku tinggi pula. Apa kes??
Water World Show..
Ini kereta kuning
While waiting Cik Mar sambil duk snap video
With Madagascar's team
Kami dah duduk atas platform tapi the roller-coaster tak gerak due to some technical problem.
I'm hereee..finally..
Usai solat, kami tonton ini pula. Song of the Sea.
One of the scene..Singapore really utilized their sea. Welldone!

Having breakfast kat Zam-Zam Murtabak
Murtabak daging
Murtabak ayam
Mee goreng mamak oren
Esplanade mall
We're at Marina Bay.

Best trip to Singapore nie. Jommm p sekali lagi...Cuma a bit frust sebab big Merlion dah kena hapus and the built The Merlion Hotel. This is sound so stupid. Of course la tourist nak tengok the big Merlion not the small Merlion. The fake Merlion at Sentosa tak sempat pula kami nak bergambar. Anyway..dapat bergambar with small Merlion pun jadila daripada tiada...

Photo credit to: Cik Marhanis a.k.a Cik Mary yang di sayangi.

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