Friday, April 29, 2011

~ Royal Wedding ~


Today is Friday and now I'm in KL already. Just now my brother fetch me at Tol Duta. Oh!~ Tadi dalam bus duk dengar Fly.FM HoneyMadu was busy talking about royal wedding, Prince William and Catherine Middleton. I wish I am the one who will waving to crowd during enter the mosque. **Haruskan aku nak buat mcm tue nak masuk masjid?**. Hahaha. Ini namanya angan-angan mat jenin. I loved her dress so much and she looks so stunning while walking with her dad to the church. Tiba-tiba aku rasana sure ada yang menyanyi lagi 25minutes-MLTR.

How about William? Ohhhhhhhh! I just love to look at him tapi dia dah nak botak la. Awat lagu tue? Dulu he's so cute! So adorable kids with Harry.

Pls enjoy those picture, aku snap dari tv using my NEX5..Hihihi. More details you guys can google and read from Wiki

Honeymoon destination:
"The newly-wed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are due to set off on their honeymoon to a secret location on Saturday after the splendour and pageantry of the Royal wedding.
Prince William has taken a fortnights leave from his job as an RAF Search and Rescue pilot for the holiday with his new wife Kate Middleton.
The couple's destination has been a closely guarded secret and officials have said they will not be revealing the location of the honeymoon.
Royal sources have said the pair were aiming to relax somewhere "hot and sunny".
Among the destinations believed to be favoured by the Duke and Duchess is Jordan, where the couple will take in some of the country's most famous sites, including the ancient city of Petra and the Wadi Rum desert valley. "

Haruslah nanti aku honeymoon tempat ala-ala gini nanti.

Kawan aku sorang ada kat London masa wedding nie, tak sabaq nak tau experience dia kat sana time royal wedding nie. Perhaps she can share with me.

Best wishes to Prince William and Kate Middleton, Good luck and congratulation. My dream to have a dinner with both of you, take a picture and also got chances to visit their palace. Huhuh. Tinggi angan-angan mak jenin aku.

Baiklah, back to reality...harus aku mencari teman sekacak Prince William. hohoho. Mahu ketiduran besok mahu ke Loywat since aku ketinggalan waterproof camera housing kat rumah Kulim. Freeee-freee ja duit aku melayang besok..Hope jumpa la..InsyaALLAH..

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