Friday, April 22, 2011

~ Wondering 'Ω' ~


It's Friday again! wooot wooooott!

And tonight is the most waiting night for April. Hoyeay! MLTR's concert at PISA, Penang. I'm not their big fan actually but I know some of their songs. I do bought their cassette during school. Hahaha. People buying books, me buy cassette. Hohoho.
MLTR concert

After office, I'm heading to PISA with Azwana, Redza and Sharifah (Wana's friend). Thanks to Marhanis for post this concert at her FB Wall and I ask Azwana to join. Luckily they want to join me. Thanks Wana! There in PISA, Nora and Stefan waiting for us and in total 6 of us will enjoyyyyyy tonight. Hoyeayy!!

Last week I'm in Singapore and it was nice trip and perhaps I visit this Singlish country again. InsyaALLAH. And next week!! Wooottt wooottt! I'm going to KL and then will snorkeling at Redang Island. Yeayyyy. Get ready to show-off my swimming skills. This is last minutes planning by my family. And I have no lot's money for this. I need them to sponsor me. Pity face.Redang Island, Terengganu.

It is I'm living my life to the fullest? I am wondering now BUT I need moreeeee $$$$$$. Pls help me...

Have a good weekend friend. I hope you guys will have a wonderful day ya..

Photo credit to: les.butcher[Flickr]

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