Friday, May 6, 2011

~ MLTR Concert ~

Hallo Bella, Bello,

Ahha! Last April I joined crowd in PISA for MLTR concert. I love them so much!! Sama ja suara macam kita dengar dari radio, cd and what-so-ever. We had a great concert from them..and most of the song was singing by Jascha Richter, a few songs by the other two which is - Kåre Wanscher & Mikkel Lentz. There's 25 songs on that night and of course ticket yang harga RM103 fully seated but area vvip banyak ja kosong. Masa ke concert nie 6 of us...From Kulim nan permai Azwana, Redza, Sherry and me. From Penang, Nora and Stefan. We reach PISA around 7.10pm and stop sat kat O'town. Concert end at 11pm la. Kami photoshoot sat then terus cabott balik ke rumh memasing. While in the car pasang cd MLTR yang aku beli kat concert tue. Memang best la. Rasa di buai-buai lagi plus malam tue bulan sungguh cantik. Naked moooooooon. Ohhh bahagianya hari tue. Alhamdulillah.

Kita isi tank dulu before enjoice in the concert. Aku minum and makan roti kat Old Town White Coffee nearby PISA. This is three cool, hot, warm girls. Huhuhu. From left: Me, Sherry my idol and Azwana my mentor.
The stage from level3.
The stage with blue it love it lo
Jascha playing the keyboard.
While Jacshka singing..
Us in the concert hall... After concert, actually nak amik picture with the background of stage, once we reach they turn off the lamp already. Frusttt!
With the MLTR's poster outside the hall
Haaaaaaa...nak sangat picture with PISA, ambikk kau..
This is so-called idol's posing.

Muka gembiraaaaa, dapat juga aku tonton MLTR menyanyi live..hoyeayyy!

What is next concert? Metallica..ahaha..somewhere in 2013 or 2014..too early to talking bout it. Gagah staff PISA tue nak kabor kat aku. Then aku pun gagah kabor kat Wana, Sherry and Redza. Huhuhu.

Oh ya..masa ke concert tue la aku kenal Sherry a.k.a Sharifah. She's so howwt!! and sungguh lawak. Malam tue aku rasa macam aku tonton concert dengan artist gitu tapi awat artist duk Level3? Awat tak duduk VVIP seater? Hhahhaha....Oleh yang demikian, she's not an artist ya..sheolls sama ja aku dan lelain. Cuma sheolls sungguh ranggi and fashionable gitu. She's my new idol in how to posing in front of camera. Hahahaa..Pssssstt! She's so coool and howtt..lalalalala..

Have a nice day!

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