Thursday, October 6, 2011

~ I also sad, if you sad ~


Aku doa semua kita sihat walafiat naa..InsyaALLAH..

Ada one of my mentor aku kat office, her's mother pass away on 5Oct-11 because of lung infections and at aged 82yrs old what do do expect more from her.'s good for her mother and she gonna missed her mother.. Tadi team aku ada visit her in SP, and masa salam, she cried and aku pun nangis. Aku sedey juga...after this no one she can called 'Mom' anymore...I hope she will be strong and as what I know, she's done her best to take care her mother until her mother's death. And today, it was my 1st time to visit others religion kematian. And my mentor also story a bit about her mother's condition before death to us.

I hope my mentor will ok, and she said, she has to tuned her time back since normally before off to office she the one who will inject her mother with antibiotic and she said that on the last nite of her mother, one injection cost 1k++...and total for almost 2weeks is rm40k...omaigucci!!! Her mother will rest in peace and I hope my mentor will happy. Sometimes we loose something we loves, GOD will return us something else..Perhaps...all the best things will be with my mentor..

And 1st time I see the Chinese's coffin with human inside and everything. See her mother's face and she explain about the ice, bla bla bla...

I hope you will ok SK....i cannot tahan when I see u cried tadi. :(

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