Tuesday, October 18, 2011

~ Yeay! Dapatlah tshirt free ~

Salam semua,

Hari ini kat office, ramai-ramai pakat pakai red shirt and we will get black t-shirt. Boleh laaa...dapat t-shirt free and boleh pakai bila-bila nanti.

Tak adalah best sangat pun. Tapi bolehlah, dapat baju free kan.. hihihi..

Me with Marhanis
OPC Girls and the middle one Technology girl.

So those pakai baju merah pasti akan dapat t-shirt as per above. Even my boss kat EU pun gagah pakai and I'm not sure she really snap the picture and sent to our HR since she already get the t-shirt. And somemore, one of my team, her mother pass away last month, and company also gave the t-shirt to her. Should be la kan, bukan she don't want to wear red, but due to still dalam berkabung.

Hopefully for 2012, design much be better and also the material pun kena la better juga. :)

Pssttt: Why black??

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