Friday, November 25, 2011

~ Senyum, tak perlu kata apa² ~


Hooo! Being a famous employee for one week is good enough for me. In the office, in surau and somemore in 'business room' pun keep on asking me. Thank you all for your nice concerns asking for my condition after fainted in the gym last week. What I can say now is, my BP low + just recover from fever (before raya) and dot dot dot. This week I do monitor my BP.

My BP's readings:
Tues - I don't know how much since aku tak sedar time nurse-man amik.
Wed - 100/55
Tue - 110 / 57
Fri - Sun - Didn't monitor because BP's tool mak aku maklang aku pinjam.
Mon - 110/60 ~~Yeay!
Tue - 110/ 60
Wed - Thu - 110/70
Today Friday - I will check after this. Perhaps it's getting better since yesterday I still join aerobic and yoga on Wed.

I receive many advice on what I should take to get BP normal back - around 110/80. Someone ask me to eat buah Delima, some ask me to eat kerang and hati ayam. I could say no for hati ayam - since now ayam semua kena botok sana sini. Gerun makk nyah! So far kerang OK. Someone ask me to eat peria. Oh gosh! Pahit kot...mak aku masak pun aku tak makan kot. Ok...anything to recover back, I'm trying to take it. InsyaALLAH.

Buah delima or Pomegranate.


How do you feel when peoples keep on talking about you? It doesn't matter the good one or the bad one. Of course the good one seronok la kan...but then, the bad one. Maybe this is a karma since I also sometimes duk cakap pasal hal orang...Haaa..hambik kau...what you give, you get back...Yes! My bad...I will try to stop it **eececcecece..baik la sangat kau!**

Entahlah, tak suka la orang duk cakap-cakap perihal orang lain nie. Especially related to man. Gosh! Tak sukaaa.....I wish I could gummy their mouth like this!

Jangan kata apa²

I will take this positively. Beware with everything ya..and oh ya! Weekenderss coming again...and I'm heading back to Perlis for another my neighbor's wedding. So many kenduri, so many daging ayam to be eaten. Oh yeay!

Oh ya! Congrats to my colleague's Rafidah for her new baby born..Muhammad Harraz...the older son is Muhammad Harriz. Kurus tinggi si Harriz nie. Geram! Putihhh! Selamat berpantang ya...hairan lama juga tak jumpa Fidah.

And alhamdulillah...lega sikit hari nie...terlaksana 1 niat...Syukur

Have a nice weekend peeps...


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