Saturday, December 31, 2011

~ 2011 so far ~

We learned our ABC’s,
And counting 1, 2, 3’s,
And now we know all these,
The kindergarten class.

Assalamualaikum dan Salam sayang semua,

Seems like only a fews months back I just wrote "Happy new 2011" and today it was last day for 2011. Goodbye 2011. It has been a tremendous, happy year, sad year to me. I have many thing in 2011.

Despite all that had happened in my life, despite all my failures, despite all my achievements, all the conflicts with other, all the good and bad emotions, I remained alive until now...alhamdulillah..

In 2011:
1. I owned Gaius.
2. Visited 2 countries with friends- Vietnam and Singapore.
3. Admit for 3days in KPJ,Perda due to fever, cough, flu and my chest stress that caused Pneumonia - early stage. Alhamdulillah it's recovered now.
4. Visit Redang Island with my familia. We really had good time without baby shark.
5. In term of work - alhamdulillah, better salary, got promoted and new project for 2012.
6. Attend a lots of friend wedding around the world! Haha. Only semenanjung Malaysia.
7. Let go my Merlina to my younger brother for him to use. :(
Ahaa...only 7? 7 Ok what? need to list down all...

My day was good and currently I'm in KL my brother's house, uhukkk, uhukkk.. let night fall for last 2011. Welcome new year of 2012..

Hopefully, it will bring a joyous journey ahead, bring prosperity and good health to everyone.Pssstt: My new year resolution is to do more exercise, saving more money, improve my English and find my soul-mates.

Photo credit to: Shandi-lee[Flickr]
Lyric from: Addams Family song

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