Monday, December 19, 2011

~ LIMA 2011 and last destination for 2011 ~


Apa kabar semua? Semoga kita semua sihat hendak-NYA ya..insyaALLAH..

Last week I went to Pulau Langkawi with my friends. They are Mas, Anis and Hanis. We drove back to Perlis, night over at my mum's house and early in the morning around 6.30am we're heading to Kuala Perlis Jetty while my dad waiting for us to take my Gaius back to Simpang Empat, Perlis. :)

Our main objective is:

1. LIMA 2011- Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition
2. Cable Car - Gunung Mat Cincang
3. Stayed at Pantai Chenang.
4. Kilim Geopark explorer.
5. Kuah area! Shopping until you drop. Hihihi.

We really had our good time but for me, for them as well - during ride Cable Car is the worst experience because of the windy day until 1st station my friend want to turun since she felt so creepy in the cable car. But we asked her to stay together and we proceed to 2nd station. Hohoho. As for me, this is my 4th time in cable car and this is the worst oneee.. I don't want to take it anymore..enough for me!

While watching all the pilot performing acrobatic in the sky, waaaaaaaa! I'm so proud of them. Malaysia also got high-level-experience-professional-great -handsome-cute-smart-macho pilot.Hihihi. LIMA 2011 aerospace held at the MIEC and maritime at Awana Porto Malai. We got the chances to see both show. Yeay! For more details you can refer to below official LIMA website. :)

Since this entry will talking about LIMA11, thus I will cherish you'allz with a fews photo of LIMA truly, lovely dovey from my cutNEX5


Here we come 2011...we rock it!
This is the best shoot from my NEX5. I need zoom lens dear.. One of the aircraft - still useful kot.
The retired-aircraft with a lots of signature onto her body. Wowww!
Here's the girls with one of the pilot. Local pilot I think. :)

For love formation in the sky..

Here is the output...

Buuhhhhh buuuh.....the smoke!

Bawah kapal.

Bersidai tunggu turn nak beraksi..

Antara yang masih bersidai..

Sedia nak beraksi.....

Antara crowd yang bersama-sama berpanasan di situ..

The biggest aircraft on the show..
Here we go...four of us...or else Puan Zai wanna join us, but can't make it since ada issue kat office. Perhaps nextimer we can spend time together again...InsyaALLAH..

Apa-apapun team KRISAKTI, pilot tempatan memang hebacck!!!

Inside the showroom.

SEKITAR DI CABLE CAR...dah petang juga masa nie..
Pemboron Tefal sedang ber-urus-niaga dengan pembeli-pembeli tetap beliau..
Mereka yang dalam keadaan agak ketakutan di mana angin sungguh kuat petang itu. Tak mau naik dahhh..
Last station...

OKlah all, that's all for story. Will cont for 2nd day...
Kabaran next LIMA 2013 will be on March'13 as per Zahid Hamidi due to fews reasons. Antaranya the weather, xmas celebration etc..

Have a nice day ya...Assalamualaikum all....

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