Friday, January 27, 2012

~ The fastest day of January ~


Time flies so fast for January12 since today already 27th Jan. A few days will receive Jan12's salary. Yeayy!!

Bulan 1 penuh dengan farewell. Ada 3 orang dalam OPC yang telah pergi meninggalkan kami semua. Bermula dengan James Lee, Birgit and Thomas Koller, our OPC Director. But then 3 of them will still attach with same IF*M but different site. :)

There's 1 farewell lunch and 1 farewell dinner for leaving party. Our director said he's felt very touched during the party. And of course for all OPC colleagues and me too..

And for Thomas,
We will miss you,
We will miss your smile,
We will miss your heavy strong English accent,
We will miss your nice Espresso aroma,
And we will miss your F1 driving style.. are our beloved "Big Boss"..

Arrival at Monrods Kulim.

His style..
OPC Team

This is from Production Support Team - Girlsss rules ya!

His last day... :)

Introduction speech among OPC Team before heading to lobby

With OPC Team at lobby

Me with Sze Kai. Gift session. "He said, no need and I reply "Hopefully you will remember us in Kulim :("

Together with our MD, Thomas.R

His last bye-bye to us.. no 3 times round. Hihihi..

Dear Thomas,
All the best to you...we're gonna miss you here..lucky to have you as our big boss for 3yrs. :)


Birgit's Farewell,

Farewell at Giant's Pizza Hut.
Gift session by our bossShe really likes it..pls stick/display is thus in another 20yrs, you wont forget us. Hihihi
One team with all girls!Nice ladies..
With OPC colleagues.At lobby..
At lobby with boss..
To Birgit,
Nice to know you even for 1.5yrs, hope to meet you again, take care and pls do not forget how durian's taste. Hihihi.


James and Chris's Farewell

Photo session, but then at this moment I'm in the meeting. :( All the best James and Chris.. Goodbye..


Markus.K Farewell.

Me with Markus, such a nice man..
Markus with Swee Koon - carpool team.
Markus having coffee break with SK
Nice working with you Markus. Hope you and your family will enjoy working in Taiwan as we know it might be a big challenge for you and family, especially your daughter - as what you told us on your last day. Come to visit us again in Kulim and see ya!


I'm happy to work with them, feel sad when they leaving us in Kulim. Until meet again some where in this world! Abschied!

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