Thursday, February 2, 2012

~ Penang Butterfly Farm ~

Assalamualaikum. Holla!!!

Last weekend I went to Penang Butterfly Farm located at Jalan Teluk Bahang, Batu Ferringhi, Penang. There's thousand of variety butterfly flying all over the leaves and they are very lovely and fun. Flying here and there, freedom without care of anyone. I wish I could fly with them. Hihi.

The best part is when they can hold at your hand, but sadness for me, they don't want to hold at my hand :( . It's interesting place to go and pls go during dry day thus you can snap wonderful pictures there. Of course do not compared mine with others. I just snap and hopefully I can catch their eyes using my macro converter. But then the output wasn't fulfill my target. But I think, that's good enough since I only have converter lens not macro lens itself. :) .

Actually if you know the technique how to hold them, they will stay at your finger. But myself I lost my patient all the time. Thus I will jumping(crazy huhhh...hihi) and this will makes them go away from me. Hihih.. Actually there was a guide who will explaining the lifecycle of the butterfly and taking you round in the farm, but for us, since we want to snap photo, we just go by ourself.

The fees as per below:

She loves camera :)

I love this picture so much!! I don't know why...
This picture toooooooooooo....... :)

You can stay here as long as you like. We reach around 9.50am and get out from farm around 1.45pm. Hihi. I love the fragrance inside the farm. Seems I'm in the jungle with a lots of butterfly..

On the way back, pit-stop to have a bowl of laksa. Pedas a bit for me. :(

Nice view...I love beach!!

I really enjoy my day so much, hopefully can go to Bird Park after this. hihi. Have a nice day all..



Daleela said...

Gambar sangat cantik yani... Pakai camera ape ye?

Yani said...

salam dalee....biasa saja..yani pakai camera NEX5 saja... :) gambar dalee pun tak kurang cantiknya...