Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~ Tok sakit ~

During our lunch-time at revolving restaurant, KL tower last


Received a call from mum early in the morning today. She called me last night and I'm wondering why thus I thought she accidentally pressing my number at that moment. Actually she want to inform me that my grandma admitted in Hospital Kangar, Perlis.

Oh gosh!!! It's so sad to hear that. Lately my grandma's health condition getting worst. If I'm not mistaken, last December-2011 she fainted inside my bedroom and mum, dad faced critical situation. Calling ambulance and take her to hospital. Ohh..I hope my grandma will speedy recovery and stay healthy.

And today, it's my new experiment to take care of her in the ward. (Last time I've got chances to take care my Late grandpa in Hospital Alor Star). She didn't asking much, just staying besides her, holding her hand and I'm continue reading those magazines that I borrowed from others patients (Breast cancer's patient). Many wire on her chest, drip here and there. Pity her, I hope she can stand it until she fully recover. InsyaALLAH.

Clean-up her clothes, changing her pampers - pity her. Yes, it's smelly and I'm asking her "Tok berak ka?" she just moves her head slowly right and left. But then she keep on fart, releasing her gas so many times. And I'm asking her again, she said no. She didn't defecate anything. :)

Well Tok, I can smell it..soooo nice. Hihihi..

All my family member reach and mum asking her whether she defecate or not. And yes she angguk. Then there was the moment of truth. Yeay! To clean up everything. Gosh!! I can see the blood. The color it's not in red but dark blood. Ya ALLAH! And it's really concentrated (seems like..). Then we seek nurse helped to change the pelapik since my grandma using a wire for pee. Then I'm there to help the nurse to clean up the dark blood. Alhamdulillah it's done and mum asking me to put some 'bedak sejuk' into her face, by hoping she will feel more fresh. Hahaha. This is also funny part. I put more than 30s 'bedak sejuk' and her face like opera cina with white powder. Hehehe. After 7.15pm, we have to go. Salam and mintak ampun dan maaf from her and I kissed her cheeks and forehead and let her know I will come back on Friday insyaALLAH. Exchange shift with my untie and uncle. Tomorrow I'm going back to work and will come back in Friday. InsyaALLAH.

My Tok didn't eat anything, she has to fasting to recover her usus. Doc said, they have no idea from where the dark blood came from. Might have an operation and they will monitor it tomorrow, if still getting worse, they have to operate her unless it's stop bleeding.

Get well soon Tok, we love you so much. I also cannot stand to see all those wires on your body.



Regards, Anak cucu-cicit Tok Baayah yang nakal dulu-dulu...sekarang nak jadi baik-baik saja..


Anonymous said...

Hidup lebih ceria dengan Perap Cenderawaseh ...rahsia hilang rasa sakit dan tambah keterampilan daripada alam semulajadi Malaysia dan ketikketok!

Yani said...

Thanks for sharing..will let u know if I'm interested. :)