Thursday, March 8, 2012

~ Hari gembira adalah hari shopping!! ~

Assalamualaikum All,

I'm hate being obese!
I'm have being alone!
I'm have being nothing!
I'm hate being rude!
I'm hate being stupid!
I'm hate being blurrrrrrrrrrrrr!
I'm hate being lazy to office!
I'm hate being arrogant!
I'm hate being stubborn!
I'm hate being disobey to may parents!
I'm hate being stingy!
I'm hate being nonsense!


When during shopping time, I will give you thousand of my smiling face. Hahaha. I'm not bought Channel handbag, Gucci handbag, LV or what-so-ever, just a shirt, a long khakis-pants and a handbag!!!! Finally I bought a handbag to kenduri-kendara. Excuse me, it's not the branded one, it's from Singapore's designer. :)

I'm happy with it. Yaay!

So my weekend so lovely together we terjah 2 shopping complex with my supportive housemate. We really support each other for this action items. Hahaha. And now, needs to stay still while waiting next payment of May. Don't worry everything within my budget and it's been long time ago I want to buy especially my new handbag. :)

Oh ya, this month I have lots of wedding invitation..and my best-funny-friend getting engaged next week. InsyaALLAH I will be with her during Azam's mum want to sarung cincin to her super cute finger. Happy for you my dear Zati.

I'm so envy those yang ada Channel, LV, Gucci handbag. Haishh..No need to verangan those branded handbag, Coach pun ndak ada lagi. Hihihihi. Nevermind, maybe one day..anyone to give me as a present? My coming still loooooooooong to go, still got time to menabung sehari RM2 untuk handbag.

After office today, I'll heading to Sunway Carnival. Again and again shopping for wedding gift. This time for 3 brides. Uhuuukk...budgetku lari this month. Hopefully the cutlery set still available. Nampak kemas and tebal. Mum ada 1 set tapi syok duk gantung kat dinding. I'm not really sure she still using it or just for deco-deco dapurku saja..But then I'm happy she already used her correlle that I bought from Langkawi last year. The 1st set was bought from my brother long time ago and mum love corningware and vision so much. If I'm not mistaken she already bought 3 set of vision. Tue tak termasuk penutup vision yang aku pecahkan dulu. Huhuhu.. Ok mum, ada rezeki nanti adikeni ganti semula k. But now, mak dah ada banyak kot dalam almari tue. Untuk deco-deco dapurku juga???

Oklah all.have a nice safely ya..

Assalamualaikum.. :)

Photo credit to : Charles & Keith Online Store

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