Thursday, April 5, 2012

~ It's April already.....yay!!! ~

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera,

It's already 5th April and I'm spending my lunch time with blogging. Hahaha. Having 4 slices of sandwich - bread with tuna spread. So lovely lunch for me as I already gain a lot's of kg so far. Pls go away some kg, I don't need you from my body. Pls pls pls go away...

Having sandwich during lunch time didn't mean that I'm on diet darling. Nooo..Just because I'm so lazy to drive outside and today's weather quite nice. It was not too hot, not raining and just enough light from the sky. :)


Start this month, I already terminate my Yoga's class due to some reason. Now I will concentrate with Aerobic class and thinking to continue my swimming class after a years leave the class with purposely. Haha. To cont class, I need to buy a new swimming suit - of course moore to Muslimah swimming suit. Current swimming suit, I would say it's not 100% Muslimah since I didn't cover my neck, thus I need to wear tudung to cover it with cap. I need to plan everything properly to stay healthy not to stay hungry!

Planning twice per week aerobic class start on May, hopefully aerobic teacher will reduce the price otherwise we will looking for another teacher. I hope many people will join our class later. The moooree the merrriiierrrr..

I'm really looking forward for April. Hihihi..It's not April Fool day. Luckily this year 1st April on Sunday - no one can make a fool with me and pls never ever be a fool. Yay!! Hopefully April12 will be awesome months for me and pls drag a bit until May ya... :)

I'm counting now.. tik tok tik tok tik tok tik tok..

Happy working allz. Tomorrow is Friday and I am so happy - my cousin e-day tomorrow.
Finally she will engage with Ehsan. Happy for you dear, jangan sedih-sedih lagi. :)


Photo credit to : wonkdotorg [Flickr]
Photo credit to : Oggeh [Flickr]


z@ti said...

dont forget my birthday yani! n yes please buy something for me...hepinye dpt jln2 ^^

Yani said...

Yes makngah Nani..insyaALLAH..already in the loop. hihihi.