Wednesday, April 25, 2012

~ I'm almost ready... ~

Assalamualaikum All,

Yaay!! I could say today I'm almost ready to go, but not 100% yet perhaps it will reach 100% soon. A few things need to find and alhamdulillah yesterday I already bought the bag. By using Jusco voucher RM50 and happily swap my CC. Once LHDN bank-in my refund money, I will paid it. Yaa...I'm looking the biggesttttttttttttttt backpack. It's Camel Active same color with my brother but I think mine one bigger than him. I'm planning to borrow from him but then they also will traveling same day with me but their flight will be 3am and mine will be 13.30pm in the same day.

My hips, myback will carry all those heavy stuff. Thus I need most comfortable bag, to avoid back pain, neck and shoulder pain.
My backpack:
1. 63Liter
2. Of course come with lots of zipper. Haha
3. Comes with rain cover and the material itself it water proves but then water can came in from the zip as well. Thus we need rain cover to cover whole bag.
4. Thick shoulder strap. This is really important because if buy the thin one, for sure shoulder will get pain. Don't want it.
5. Comes with hipbelt to shift the weight from shoulder to hips don't lie. Hihihihi..

I'm looking this backpack actually tapi tak jumpa and the price is $160 = RM490 for 40liter. From my 3,4 times survey only found typical backpack. Huhuhu. What to do,have to buy looo..

Whatever is it, make sure you choose the comfort and practical bag, and fit to your body. But I think mine one didn't fit to my body. Huhuhu.. What to do, I want the largest one for my next trips. Lalalalala..

Have a nice day allz..Assalamualaikum.. :)

1st bag Photo credit to: Here
2nd bag Photo credit to : Here


Anonymous said...

Yani, Have you got your backpack? I have one of the Camel Active as what you posted the picture, I only used for 1 time and i went bought another one, so im planning to sell it if you dont mind, call or Whatapps me at (ZeroOneTwo-8-One-Satu-7-Seven-3-Dua)

Tuan Lokong said...

Hi...I read your article..
I am interested in Camel Active Back Pack. I purchase one last time and that was 7 years back. It is very durable and user friendly.
I travel much and my Laptop is heavy 17" So glad if you could suggest me where it is in Kuala Lumpur.
Thank you in advance
Send info to:

Jacques said...

Hi hi,

What is the model number of the first camel active backpack. And how much was it really? 160 US$ at that time?

Yani said...

Hello Jacques,

i bought it around RM300, maybe around 70 US$