Tuesday, April 24, 2012

~ I'm not really ready... ~


About couples of day, I'll going to somewhere. To the place that I haven't imagine during my childhood that I will be flying there. Oh yes! I'm so grateful to ALLAH SWT for giving me opportunity to visit that country. Alhamdulillah. With my minimal budget and I could say my minimal effort to travel to that country, I hope everything will be OK. The most important thing is I should enjoy the trip and have a sightseeing around the town. I expect to meet/see different people and see what they do daily. :)

While I'm away from my daily day, it's everything to me but of course I will miss my parents so much, my familia and my friends a lots. Not to forget my Gaius and all my ready-to-death orchids. Hahahaha. Pity them coz I don't have enough time to talking with them. Crazzyy!

Being a tourist to others country, thus local map gonna be my best friend. Perhaps I can grab most useful map from the airport. Hopefully. My expectation not too much, having my good time there, shopping a bit and take a picture using my semi DSLR camera. Hopefully I can produce a good picture and good enough for my eyes with no hope anyone will like it. Hahaha...loserrrrrrr..

There's always a few things didn't complete yet. To buy the meal, luggage (still can't decide how many kilo I should bought) and the bags! Bags!! Mine one too small and I'm looking new bagpack and today I will hunt for it. Yay! Almost 3-4 times or day hunting it, and until now still not owned any bags. Wakakakaa.. A bit tiring and almost give up already.. :(

Oh ya today, while opening Google website. I see below logo. Nice la, and I realized that Google always changed their background and I already tried to play it by zip up and down. Hahaha. This is cool man and awesome idea from Google team. I wish I can be part of their team one least Google Malaysia  :)

1. Packing my stuff
2. Buy some bread
3. Clean up my shoes
4. Send jacket to dobi

That's all for now folks. I'm happy to go, but a few things currently running in my mind.
Happy working allz.

It's all about white head is white, my mind is white, my heart is white. All white!!

Assalamualaikum.. :)

Photo credit to : haasbroek [Flickr]

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