Sunday, May 13, 2012

~ Mak Merah saya ~

Assalamualaikum....aloohaa!! What a lovely weekend dude. Someone birthday today which is my cousin Kakngah Nurul Izzati Abdul Ghani. Happy birthday kakngah. All the best in your SPM 2012, pls be soo ambitious by aiming straight A for this exam.

And today - Mother's day. all mother out there Happy mother's day, you guys rocks our daily life, doing everything without asking any payment, cooking delicious foods, doing housework and everything. To my mum, thank you for giving birth of me. All your pains, all your tears to rising me for almost 29yrs. Thank you mum...I love you so much. As a rewards, I hope you like my litle present to you last week. It's a set of Pyrex storage containers. 1 set it comes with 3 containers. But I think mum looking forward for kitchen's renovation. She did her survey on kitchen cabinet. And we do suggest some color and she request me to browse from IKEA's website. Hahaha. I think she already chooose the best color for her kitchen. Yayy. You go mum.....your the one who will stay for more than 4 hrs to prepare mervelousssss fooodass.. and I will be your patient helper. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Ahaa...while watching Giuliana & Bill, in this episode Bill went to Haiti. To met one of the family that he helped before. Didi has passed away and I'm not really sure what disease he got. Bill met his family to explain to the family what happen to Didi while his in State's. Didi's family really touched with his visit and all of them really miss Didi. Whatever happen in this world, family is everything. matter what comes into our life, mum, dad will always support us.

While I'm away from country last months, always thinking of my mum and dad. What if I'm moves to Aussie working/studying there and mum dad away from me. It's true, Melbourne is fantastic city to live but them without mum dad staying near to me, it's nothing for me. So I decided to stay in Malaysia. Hahahhaaa.... budget I will staying in Aussie. no noi. Just angan-angan saja.

Oh mum....pls take care of yourself and stay healthy. Kindly reduce your involvement in UMNO's thingy. Plss..plss..pls...Hahaha. Just let go that position to others. Thank you.

Adik Keni
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