Wednesday, May 30, 2012

~ Sikit saja lagi ~


Yeay! Tomorrow nak review with team, what I could say 80% almost done and  tomorrow will review again with my mentor. See how many need to be change. Ponat oihh buat process description and at the same time ada PD nak kena buat untuk audit last month. So far my part done and tomorrow will have another review with my Kulim team. Hopefully everything will be ok and not much to ubah lagi.

Lonely maple leaf nearby Marshall Avenue, Clayton.. this is maple leaf? I'm not really sure.. 
Since Nov11 start buat PD, from one meeting to another meeting and I know, once this is done I will missed the moment having discussion with team, change this and that and etc. Now the pressure really high since I also have my daily task to be completed plus other quarterly housekeeping job as well. :(

This is called job and it will never and. Today reached office around 7.14am and until now 7.14 still on the office. Oh job, I want to performed this year, but then sure my boss will grade me with C! That's for she already mentioned to me last year. :(

Not happy with my my housemate will leaving us.. me and Cik Mas. Need to iklan for new housemate. Extremely worried if new housemate acting extremely weird, doakan la kami dapat housemate yang baik, peramah macam kami juga. :)

Oklah, gtg now. It's already dark outside. Luckily I manage to parking my car kat atas. Tak payah menapak jauh hari nie.

Enjoy your nite all..

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