Monday, August 13, 2012

~ Alhamdulillah. She getting better ~


Mum already discharged last Friday. Stayed for 5D4N in Putra Medical Centre Alor Star, Kedah.
After 2days investigation by Doc Ng, finally we know what is the problem which is there's a stone in her gallbladder. Doc advice for surgery to take out the both stones and gallbladder. While duk ding dong ding dong whether insurance will cover or not, we decided to pay by ourselves. Alhamdulillah operation successfully done with more than 40 stones in different shape but almost same color. That is the man reason why mum cannot poopoo for 8days and even can't fart toooo. Huuu.. I can't imagine how suffer she is for 8days...

Alhamdulillah on day 4 doctor informed us insurance will cover everything and on Friday mum can go home..yeayyy!!!..

Tok will take care of her with ayah and ayah already prolong his leaves to 14days. Bestnya working with government will more than 30days annual leaves every year. Jeles OK!

Mum have to pantang a few food and can eat lots of fruit except durians! Kesian pula time mak tengok time kami bebuka puasa. Banyak lauk while for her just ikan and bubur nasi. Nevermind mum, after 3 months you can slowly take your fav food with minimum quantity. OK. Pls be patient for a while ok. :)

My experienced, taking care mum in ward was great opportunity for me and whole family. Only one night I sleeping with my mum in the ward the next day, ayah, abgcik and adik together stayed in the room. I'm not easy to take care patients lepas surgery, we have to be more careful.

Mak semoga cepat sembuh dan kembali ceria..we love you mak..  :)


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