Monday, August 6, 2012

~ Mak Merah saya kurang sihat ~


Sungguh susah saya nak lelapkan mata malam ini. Emak Merah saya kurang sihat since last week and I'm doing nothing to help her. Just called her everyday asking her condition and she said everything was OK. And I take it like demam biasa for her. And on Friday she have to stay at PMC for a fews hours and later she decided to going home after 2 injections and rest a while in PMC. I asked her, why don't she stayed in the hospital and she reply me "it's almost iftar hour and pity to dad and lil brother to break their fast". Mum , mum, mum. Eventhough you are in bad conditions pun still thinking of your family..that's our mum mum and maybe ur mum as well.

A few hours back, I'm thinking to drive back to hometown and she disagree with me. She asked to go back tomorrow morning. Ok mum, I'm listened to you.

Right now I felt like.. errmm.. I thought I am a bad daughter to her. I'm crying like baby.. So many things in my mind. I don't know how to express it here. Only me and myself and HIM.

Oh ALLAH, pls take care of my mum. Pls grant her health like before, pls don't make her feed sad or disappointed of anything. Pls make her always beautiful mother for us. Oh ALLAH, pls..pls..pls..she the only mother I ever have. No one else.. Pls forgive my sins, my mum sins, my dad sins and whole of my family sins. Amin..Ya Rabbal'alamin.

I think I can imagine how pain she right now. Mum, I'm so sorry... :(

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