Monday, October 8, 2012

~ 4years ~


Syukur alhamdulillah Bunga Orkid at already 4years old yesterday on 7th October 2008 which is mean already 4th year I've been blogging. Bunga Orkid become part of my daily website that I should visit everyday. Sharing my bestday, lucky day, mybad dad, unhappy moment into my life and sharing my thoughts as well. Some of them I could say good to read, some of them come with crappy words as well. I'm sorry for that.

Into this blog too, I'm sharing some my traveling experienced, how happy I am while I'm away from office and how much I missed my family, friends and all my belonging that I left in Kulim and Perlis. At the moment I wrote my first entry, I didn't aspect that Bunga Orkid can stay longer like now. Eventho not every day I will blogging but I'm trying my best to write something here.

I just wish I could become blogger early than this, thus I can share, write about my uni's life, how's struggle I am during my internship period at PELSSB for 4 months. How good to stay with your sister-in-law while your brother staying to another place in Perak. How I want to going home during that time..but I enjoy my life every time with my own style!

I wish I can do better here, improving my grammar as well. Need to take English class I think. :)
I always doa, ALLAH Taala give me strength, grant a better health to my body and to all of us. InsyaALLAH. Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.


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