Sunday, October 7, 2012

~ Kita pelu besyukur.. Alhamdulillah ~

Assalamualaikum dan salam se-Malaysia,

Still coughing right now and today mum provide me some jeruk made by herself. Hooo..our neighbor want to renovate her house and she decided to cut off the mangoes tree. Yippi! She gave some of the delicious mangoes to mum and straight away mum kupas-kupas and make it as jeruk. I'm not really sure whether I can eat this jeruk or not, but then since mum gave me one medium tupperware which is that mean I can eat them all-while-im-so-hungry.

Yesterday she terjah me in Kulim with my youngest brother. And she decided to stay here at least for 2 nights. Her motivation is to monitor my fever, flu and coughing. After get granted from my dad, she come over to Kulim by BUS! Oh mum, I know you're not really fit yet, why you are so keen to visit me. She want to see me with her eyes itself, then it's OK for her. My house condition not like other house with tv-meletops, my room at upstairs and she unable to climb the ladder. Tingggg! How about just going home, Perlis and tomorrow meet the doctor and see what he gonna said about my condition. Actually I'm recovering already but then just a bit coughing that make mum worried. Huuuuhuuuuuuu. said I'm OK and nothing to worry off. Alhamdulillah syukur.

I hope mum will feel relieved and I want to finish antibiotic asap. Yeaaa.this time I have to take antibiotic too. :(

I do praying all of us stay healthy and be positive everytime. Myself, last week was the most many things to be completed and I'm not feeling happy recover this, I bought new perfume.. Guess what? I want to feel wild on summer..oh yeay!

Tajuk yang tiada kena mengena langsung. Hehh.

Assalamualaikum and enjoy working tomorrow..let's start Monday bluess together..noww...

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