Saturday, October 27, 2012

~ Travel to SPACE? ~


Wake up early in the morning watching Nat Geo at 7am. Young engineers, most brilliant, knowledgeable, took 5years to design, develop and make aircraft real can go to space. It was my first time to know about there's a job as simetric engineer. :)

You may read more details from here. Paul Allen really want this dream become reality for us (for those you have a lots of money money moneyyyy!) to travel in space. With the idea of human technology, it's possible for wealthy people to visit space, they can explore space and kindy bring me some souvenir for me. Haha.

I'm wondering what we can see in space (haha..lack of info), colourful-weirdo stones, sands, nearly can see the star and singing and how about space jump?

Malaysia also want to participant with this agenda. We sent Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor and now he become first Malaysian astronaut and first Muslim who had prayed in space. Alhamdullillah. We proud of him, and even though we spend a lots of money/investment for this programme but at least people around the world will know something about Malaysia..Let's put it in positive ways. :)

It's an honourned to be part of this programme and Malaysia Boleh!


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