Saturday, November 17, 2012

~ Saya MAHU belajar Bahasa German ~


Last week very hectic for me. Need to create new product number and we rarely creating the product number. After 7yrs, only 13 product number was created and this year our team really created to create the product number. Hahaa..

the way we communicate..harrharr..
For me, I have to create 3 product numbers. I'm still beginner for this topic and same goes to my team. My 2 product number very special because its will process at other site. Thus, we need advise from our counterpart on how it. The expert is Franz G. But he cannot speak English only can write. Then I refer to Knafl P. Gosh! Same.

Can't ask much to them. Then one who always be translator for me is away from office until end of Nov. Using Google translate to talk with them and only simple word will do.

Boss, I think I wan to join German Class next quarter. Can??

Wish me luck for Penang Bridge Marathon tonight at 3am 18Nov-12. I hope I can hit finish line safely..At this moment, I would say NO to Sweeper bus. Haha.

Assalamualaikum :)

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