Sunday, December 9, 2012

~ Full of agenda whole weeks ~


Hoooo..currently my day was so busy. Busy in the office and busy after office. Got a few agendas to be completed. One done. 2,3 agendas still on going. Oh ya, I managed to complete my marathon 21km for 3hrs 50minutes. My 1st international marathon everrr and 21km yolss.. Crazy! I wont to it anymore and mum warning me to stop doing something that possible for me to achieve. But mum, finally I can hit finish line eventho late for 20mins. For me, still within my KPI because I want to complete the running no matter what happend. Alhamdulillah. ALLAH Taala accept my doa, my prayers..alhamdulillah..I'm safely reach finishing line.  :)

Rasanya macam dah cerita kisah Penang Bridge Marathon nie.. huhu.. jadikan la ia kisah dongeng.

Can't wait to see Swee Koon. I hope she will getting slim and cute like before preggy. During her pregnancy period pun she looks so cute and beautiful mummy-to-be. She so positive on her pregnancy and supply the best vitamins, foods for baby in her tummy. We,MDM Team havent visit her yet. Dunno when yet. Just waiting green light from senior to go to. Can't wait to hold baby Heily..I'm just guessing that name. I dont know how to spell to correctly. Sorry.

I miss my hometown. My bedroom, eventho small room a.k.a maid room. haha.. Miss my mum's cooking, miss to help mum at kitchen, miss to eat fresh fish -dad catch it. family went to KL, Melaka, Johor and Pahang..I was in the middle whether I can join them or not. Finally I decided not to join them. And there;s a hikmah with my decision. My senior sick and urgently need to tske emergency leave due to her uncle passed away on Tuesday. So me and Shila jaga kedai..
The good things - everything in control..the bad things -  so many workflow to be completed..enjoy enjoy enjoy...

Currently watching Merlin season 5. prepare for Monday everyone. :)


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