Tuesday, December 18, 2012

~ Kawan gelak saya ~


Hoooo...Hidup kita mesti seronok kalau orang di sekeliling kita selalu buat kita ketawa lagi best kalau dapat gelak tak ingat dunia macam kami saja ada di dunia ini. Kawan yang lucu akan buatkan saya gelak tak tentu hala. Tiap zaman, tiap fasa saya ada kawan-kawab yang sungguh suka buat lawak. Kawan terbaru Cik I.Colep. Oh nooo..she so funny eventho she keep on saying "I'm a serios person". Noooooo..Noooo..Nooooo..and Yesss Yessss Yessss, she soooo funny..everytime me chitchat with H.Safwan, sure gelak kuat dalam kereta. Which is rare I got it nowdays... Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you..

To keep on talking about I.Colep, makes me laughing like crazy. Last weekend, we went to Jusco Perda. Awal-awal lagi dan plan nak minum kopi mahal (Starbuck..since I want to use my topup Starbucks member card). Before that we bought donuts from Big Apple and since me and I.Colep jsut finished our starving and I ate mine one 1st..Later we heading to Starbucks and I bought chocolate cream chips..yummy..When barista calling my name...we do like screaming..."yaa yaa yaa!" Haha..I'm sure all customers can hear it and spontaneous we laughed likee hell. Pls excuses us for a while..

I love to laugh, I love to scream, I love to doing silly thing sometimes...during uni time always. Hohoho.
Friends forever..insyaALLAH..

Sometimes friend can make us happy, make us feeling better and being important person in this world. We can share anything with them..especially for topic "Those selected person by ALLAH Taala".  Hihihi. Yesterday Cik A.Mar and I was scrolling my FB  my friends FB, then I told her, "errmm..this group all married except this lady (I'm pointing to the picture for her)", and later she talked...ermm when this group open our picture they will say "errrrmm this group no one married yet" Haha. That's our picture. Hahaha..Pity, pity, pity..

Cepat tujuuu mana yang berkenan...
 We keep on praying...insyaALLAH..

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