Tuesday, December 4, 2012

~ New watch ~


I bought a new watch last weekend. It's not so-branded one. It's only CASIO come with price tag RM99. Very cheap! The one I admired for 4years was Paris Hilton auto watch and it's not available in Malaysia. I must order it from either from US or UK.

After class, me and Iz.Colep heading to Pejabat Touch 'n' Go nearby Penang bridge. My friend want to register new card. By registering there, she applicable to enjoy a discounted rate of RM5.60 compared for regular users must paid with RM7.00 every time they cross the bridge. How to get that rate?
1. Go to Pejabat Touch 'n' Go nearby Penang bridge
2. Fill in the form with Penang address.
3. Pay RM110. RM10 for card, RM100 will auto debit into your new card. Min RM100 if you only have RM50, sorry you can't register new card.
4. Enjoy the rebate for 10years. Because each card will expired after 10years. My  Touch 'n' Go will expired on 2020. Hoohoo.

After that, we cross the river..and heading to Queensbay Mall. Looking for many thing and of course the cheap one. Finally we grab 3 pieces of shirt in total below RM80..having lunch at Nandos..visit Daiso, l'occitane and visit watch shop. Before going back, pit stop at Coffee Bean for a while..Yeaa..rasa macam orang kaya for 5hours. :)

Ok peeps, enjoy your day..



SuriaRashid said...

mummy..besday party hannah ialah pada 22 hb 12 yer..jemput datang..tempat Kangar, jam 5ptg..ngeheeee..

Yani said...

insyaALLAH...same date with Tokcik Mah.. :)