Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day-2 in 2013


Day-2 in 2013 pretty cool since it was raining after 5pm. While walking to my car with Cik Izyani so suddenly hujan turun agak lebat. She keep on saying "Am I sing a lot of song today?" Hahaha. Memanggil hujan. Whole day in the office, with no-breakfast, no-lunch, no-break. Working hard huh? Haha. today reach office pun around what do I aspect to lenggang-mak-limah to finish all work-in-hand. 

Once I arrived at my cubic, many food. There was pisang goreng satu tupperware, got raw keropok ikan, got calender which is you will die if you ate it. With HIS permission. Jangan makan kertas. Calender was sponsored by Cik Marhanis from Honda Malaysia. Thank you..another calender was sponsored by Cik Masturah from Focus Point. Why I have to mention everything..waya sungguh.

Day-2 in 2013 in the office, so far OK for me. Boss onleave-she needs to settle her Ti-Ti. Ti-Ti will start to school this year. This active boy, a lot, playing a lot, wake up terus cari his ipad. Cool huh..aku pun tak ada lagi those high class gadget Tu-Ti ooihhh.. Pls tell your mum to increase my salary 50% this year ok. :)

Day-2 in 2013, perhaps SK will start working today, but I couldn't find her at her cubic. :)
Another more days to waiting, waiting and keep on waiting. Perhaps next week she will start working. I miss her in the office. Eventho somedays she will scold me, sound me and I will sentap for a a few hours or the worse one could be one day. haha. Silly me. 

Day-2 in 2013, I'm broke! Paid everything and perhaps another 12 months I can live happily ever after. InsyaALLAH. Target must be set already, money for live but money is not everything. 

We do ask ourselves what is our azam for 2013. Three of us give the same answer since Hanis away for inhouse training I guess. Everyday we keep on talking the same topic..and we really enjoy to talk about it. I dont know..I'm happy when we keep on talking about this special topic. hihi.

Perhaps all our wishes, everything we aim for 2013, we can achieve it asap HIS permission. Keep on doa, and azam tahun baru mahu solat awal waktu dan penuh solat dengan solat wajib serta solat sunat. InsyaALLAH..

Mari kita lihat hikmah yang kita akan dapat.. :)

Good nite and happy working tomorrow. Assalamualaikum.

Pssttt: I hate people who think it's a joke eventho it's real. It's not funny. :|

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