Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dear FTR,


I love to see you everyday.
I want to touch you every single time.
I want to hold you by my side.
I want to sing a love song with you.
I want to walk alone with you in the garden.
I want to share everything with you.

BUT today..

While I was busying shopping at Sunway Carnival Mall, Seberang Jaya..our dearie PI call me. Asking me to create you. Saying me they really need you urgently, need you so bad. I do ask how important you are to them today. And the PI said, he will resign if they haven't perform you today. Why you, why me, why us? Ohhh nooone.

Give me 2hrs to complete my personal's mission. Target achieved! And straight away heading to home to see how fast I can complete you. But then, since there was many you, thus I decided to do it at office. Hooohooo.

After get some clarification, confirmation by PI what kind of you, I'm patiently creating you with following company standard operating procedure. Perhaps there's nothing wrong with you once they want to use you. Pls be nice to them too. Don't spoil my sunday and my monday. Pls...Plss..Plss..

Dear FTR,
I hope next time, if there's any urgent FTR I hope your PI/UPS will inform me earlier. I don't care if they called me at 11pm on Friday, but if they called me at 2pm on Saturday and I'm still enjoying my precious moment spending my money for my own reason. I feel like I want to scream like crazy women and let others know how frustrated I am. Why you, why me, why us?

Dear FTR,
I set you correctly.
I print you out.
I checked you.

I hope they will using you tonight. Else...THAT PI MUST RESIGN!! Submit request on Friday 9pm. Calling me at 2pm on Saturday. Cool!!!!

Dear FTR,
I love creating you...soooooooooooooo much... even millions of you..

Dear Requestor,
Pls do it again. I really enjoy it.. :) It's worth my rm50 per months for waiting your calls. :)

Pstttt: I know I should support production with no complaints but too bad for me since today, I was planning to going back to northern. Hihiihi.

MDM Yani

Assalamualaikum :)

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