Saturday, April 27, 2013

Service Gaius

Assalamualaikum and happy Saturday morning,

As early 9:15am going out for my breakfast. Having nasi lemak with anchovy and 2 karipap. At 10:10am heading to Toyota Service for 38km mileage. A bit late but the salesman said, still OK. This time will proceed std service, aircond service, check belt and do alignment since I always travelling last two months. Once a while for Gaius still ok. Perhaps my dad really take care of my Merlin. I love both of them, but then I have to buy Gaius due to some non-solid reason. Hahaha. I can see my Gaius at service's bay. Dear technician, pls service him gently and I hope after this no more complaint about my aircond. Leather seat car, with hot weather in Kulim like I'm in Bangkok, so need to turn on aircond with the highest volume.

Over here, many of them Chinese folks while Malays around 4,5. So far staff at this Telagamas very friendly, always offering their helps to customer. So far I havent facing any problem after service. Alhamdulillah. And today together with my sales advisor go to check my Gaius about some noise once I started my car. He said maybe its timing belt, will ask technician to check it. So far driving Gaius, alhamdulillah didn't facing any problem yet. Syukur. I hope I will take care of him, and he will be nice with me.

I'm the one who have zero knowledge about car. Even how to unpluck battery wire also dont know. How to refill water for aircond also dont know. To open engine's door? How ahh? Just one after check with Mr. Leongn he shown me one secret compartment which is I didnt know/realize before. He asked me, how many years I bought this car, I said more than 2 years. Hahaha. Malu weh. He open my bonet, goshhh. Many things. No 5S here. Hahaha.

Waiting here until 2.20pm. Not eating anything, only drink plain water. One of toyota staff come over to me and offered some peanuts. I take it. Thank you ya. Finish serviced and have to pad RM360.80. Money fly...gooo..

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